Automobile Dealership Abuse of Public

We have a local Auto Dealership,  Naber Chrysler Dodge Jeep , that takes total advantage of their customers.  I have a friend that went there to view a  Dodge Challenger.  He had a Mustang that was a special edition.  The folks at Nabor told him that the Challenger was a sports car that would out perform the Mustang and talked him into trading for the Challenger.  Within a day or so he knew that this was NOT the car it was purported to be and wanted to return the car.  The finance company told him that they were willing to nullify the trade and just put things back the way they were if Naber would co-operate.  He tried to cancel the contract within 3 business days of the original contract and Naber told him that he would have to pay an additional $5,000. to retrieve his Mustang.  The finance company told him he was better off with his Mustang since it had actually appreciated in value and they said that the Dodge would depreciate and would never be really worth what he paid for it.  So,,,,, he did get his Mustang back, paid the extra money and our good neighbors at Naber fleeced another Brunswick Co. citizen.  

 I would NEVER recommend a dealership that did this to someone after only a couple of days.  And, I think that it is AWFUL that a dealership would treat ANYONE this way.  I just think that the public should know that this is the type of business we have in our area.  

I have always dealt with the Chevy dealership and the man I am talking about had always dealt with the Ford dealership and neither of us has any complaints about them or their practices.  But, I hope everyone out there knows to beware of our 'good' neighbors at Nabor!

Suzanne Osborne