Could Democrats be pro-life?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

In light of recent revelations regarding the illicit national voter registration drive by ACORN, I believe Democrats should become the pro-life Party.

Currently proud to be the abortion party, Democrats sow the seeds of self-destruction. They facilitate the infant murder of potential party members; thus, they now have to rig voter registration to maintain membership.

Instead, ACORN could dissuade mothers from having abortions and simultaneously register their pre-born children as Democrats. This would swell the ranks of faithful, reliable party members, so grateful to be alive.

Finally, to assuage distressed pro-aborts, the new invincible Democrat Party could actively promote euthanasia of all aging, socially useless citizens who, due to selfish retirement considerations, have become increasingly reluctant to turn over their savings to big government.

Joseph Pasulka