DA David appeals judge’s traffic court order

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By Caroline Curran, Reporter

RALEIGH—District Attorney Jon David has fired back.

Thursday morning in Raleigh, David filed a petition in the North Carolina Court of Appeals appealing an April 15 administrative order issued by Chief District Judge Jerry Jolly.

Dick Ellis, spokesperson for the N.C. Court of Appeals, said the petition appealed Jolly’s administrative order, which, among other things, ordered a stay on a fledging traffic court program started by David.

David filed the writ of certiorari in the Court of Appeals on Thursday, asking the court “review and reverse” Jolly’s order.

Jolly has 10 days to respond to the petition, Ellis said. After the 10-day response period, the matter will be before the court of appeal’s petition panel, then, if accepted, will be brought before the N.C. Court of Appeals.

In the order Jolly accused David of financially benefiting a campaign contributor in the traffic court program, calling it a “scheme.”

David has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and has demanded Jolly re-instate the program and apologize for the order.

David, a Republican and former assistant district attorney in the 5th Prosecutorial District, claims the order was politically motivated, having been issued by Jolly, a long-serving judge from Tabor City with deep roots within the local Democratic Party’s infrastructure.

The Brunswick County courthouse has remained divided in the month following the issuance of the order, with the Republican Party and the law enforcement community throwing their support behind David and the Brunswick County Bar Association supporting Jolly.

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