District 17 House update

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By Rep. Frank Iler

Guest Columnist

Last week at the North Carolina General Assembly, we met with the House Select Committee on School Safety, we met in several budget committee meetings and we got ready for the short session.

Last Wednesday, May 2, I was in the Student Physical Safety and Security Working Group of the House Select Committee on School Safety. We heard presentations on recommendations to go to the full committee May 10. They included additional training standards for School Resource Officers (SROs), additional funding to local school districts for SRO grants and studying a volunteer SRO program. Also, the recommendations included school risk management plans, school building vulnerability assessments and reporting requirements to the Center for Safer Schools. The proposed legislation can be viewed by going to the General Assembly homepage, ncleg.net, and then going to the committee website.

We were informed we would have budget recommendations very soon after we convene May 16. Preparation for this has already begun, including meetings with the senior chairs of the House Appropriations Committee, as well as the chairs of the House Appropriations Committee on Transportation. I am a vice chairman of the former committee and chairman of the latter. Both groups met Wednesday, May 3. While the numbers are not finalized on how much revenue will be available for the second year of the biennial budget beginning July 1, it appears there will not be a lot of adjustment to the budget, which was passed last year in the 2017-19 budget process.

It is anticipated we will be in budget meetings again this week, right after the primary election. I am scheduled to be in a budget meeting at 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 9, for budget talks. Then, on Thursday, May 10, the final meeting of the House Select Committee on School Safety will convene. We will consider recommendations from the two working groups: the one on physical safety and security and the one on student health. I expect legislation will come out of this meeting to be considered and passed in the short session.

As referred to earlier, the short session is scheduled to convene May 16. I expect it will be a truly short session, ending in June.

Rep. Frank Iler, R-Oak Island, represents Brunswick County in the North Carolina House of Representatives and is seeking re-election this year. He faced Brunswick County commissioner Pat Sykes in the May 8 primary. If he wins the primary, Iler will face Democrat Tom Simmons in the Nov. 6 general election. Iler can be reached in Raleigh at (919) 301-1450 or Frank.Iler@ncleg.net.