Doesn’t like editorial cartoon about trees

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To the editor:
I found the op-ed cartoon in the May 16 issue depicting a cavalier attitude on the part of the Carolina Shores Tree Commission to be offensive on several levels.
First of all, the members of the tree commission collectively donate several hundred hours yearly to the task determining the viability of removing selected trees throughout the town.
In this particular instance, the members were accompanied by a turf specialist from N.C. State University who brought instrumentation which provided information on the disruption of sunlight reaching the problematic parts of the tees and greens during various times of the year.
In addition to all the prior preparations and meetings, the members spent more than a full day (spread out during two days) evaluating the problem at each tee and green.
They assumed this responsibility in all seriousness and no decisions were made capriciously. To suggest otherwise is both unfounded and misleading.
On a broader scale, given the absolute need for volunteerism in all phases of our society, the cartoon casts a pall on volunteers in general and could conceivably act as a deterrent to some individuals who might otherwise lend a helping hand somewhere.
Lastly, distributing an inaccurate representation of an event can only serve to diminish the trust that the readership has in that publication.
Bill Brennan
Carolina Shores