Elections: N.C. Supreme Court Justice, Paul Newby

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Name: Paul Martin Newby

Town of residence: Raleigh, NC

Political office sought: Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court

Political affiliation: Non-Partisan Election (registered Republican)

Candidate website address: www.newbyforcourt.com

Profession: Justice, NC Supreme Court


UNC School of Law, 1980
Duke University (Public Policy Studies) (Magna Cum Laude), 1977
Ragsdale High (Jamestown, NC), 1973

Family information: Married to Macon Tucker Newby of Wilson since 1983, four children. I was raised in Jamestown, NC where my mother was a schoolteacher and my father a printer—an hourly worker.

Organizations or affiliations:Christ Baptist Church, Raleigh: Elder and Youth Sunday School Teacher.
Boy Scouts of America: Eagle Scout, Distinguished Eagle, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Heroism Award (saved nine people from a riptide), God and Service Award, Scouter of the Year, Chairman of Report to the State (2009-present), Board Member of Occoneechee Council, Citizenship Merit Badge Instructor.
North Carolina Bar Association: Law-Related Education Committee, We the People—Constitutional Studies Program, Project Citizen, Strategic Planning and Emerging Trends, Diversity in the Profession, formerly served as Vice President and on the Litigation Council and the Technology Advisory Committee, delegate for the Attorney Exchange Program with Turkey (2011). Selected for Citizen-Lawyer Award (2011) and Constitutional Rights Award (2012).
Library of Congress, Open World—Rule of Law Program: Selected to host delegations of foreign judges and lawyers and teach them about our legal system and the rule of law.

Political experience: Elected to North Carolina Supreme Court in 2004, seeking reelection.

Why are you running for office?

For the last eight years it has been my privilege to serve our State as a Justice on the NC Supreme Court. I now seek re-election. I have strived to fairly, impartially, and consistently apply the law in every case. I have a reputation of being a hard-working, honest, thoughtful Justice. Over the last eight years I've written more opinions than any other justice, including twice as many civil opinions. My work has resulted in widespread bipartisan support across the State, including endorsements from four former Chief Justices, two of each party, as well as from law enforcement, business, and legal groups including the National Federation of Independent Business and the NC Chamber of Commerce PACs. Locally, I also have broad bipartisan support including State Senator Bill Rabon, State Representative Frank Iler, District Attorneys Jon David and Ben David, Sheriff John Ingram, Clerk of Court Jim MacCallum, and Register of Deeds Brenda Rabon Clemmons.

I have a God-given desire for justice. I strongly believe in the ideals of our founders regarding separation of powers and the specific role of each branch of government. I believe in judicial self-restraint. Judges are to decide each case based upon the law, not personal opinion. Judges should never legislate from the bench. The law is for everyone, not just lawyers. The law should be consistent, predictable, and concise, with an element of common sense. For the last eight years as a Justice I have faithfully followed these principles. I was first introduced to the law as a Boy Scout working my way to Eagle. My citizenship merit badge councilor encouraged me to consider becoming a lawyer. I decided to become a part of the greatest legal system in the world, seeking justice for all. It is a great privilege to serve as a Justice, and I hope to continue my service.

What do you believe are the top three issues?

Judicial philosophy, qualifications, and judicial record are vital considerations in selecting judges. Judicial philosophy describes the manner a judge approaches the role. The judicial branch is responsible for dispensing justice by following the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law means everyone appearing before the court is treated the same regardless of gender, race, age, influence, or other characteristics. In a fair and impartial manner, the law must be consistently and predictably applied in every case. We must be ever vigilant in protecting our justice system. This means we must have judges who understand their role simply to decide the pending case and act with self-restraint. We must guard against judges who would legislate from the bench. For the last eight years as a justice on our Supreme Court, I have strived to apply this judicial philosophy and to follow the Rule of Law in every case.


Prior to my election to the NC Supreme Court in 2004, I had broad legal experience. I practiced real estate and business law my first five years in private practice and as corporate counsel. In 1985, during the Reagan Administration, I was asked to serve as an Assistant US Attorney, where I handled a wide variety of criminal and civil cases for over 19 years. My extensive background has been utilized in my service on the Court where I have written more opinions than any other justice and almost twice as many civil opinions. My legal opinions clearly, concisely, and predictably address the issues of each case, enabling lawyers to give proper legal counsel. My work has resulted in widespread bipartisan support from business, legal, and law enforcement groups including four former Chief Justices of the NC Supreme Court, two of each party.


As a public servant in the judicial branch, I have tried to be a good ambassador for the Court. Because of my legal scholarship and broad experience, I have been selected to provide continuing education to judges and lawyers and teach law school courses. I have lectured and written a book on the North Carolina Constitution and received the NC Bar Association’s Constitutional Rights Award. I believe civic education is important and frequently speak to school groups and civic organizations. As an Eagle Scout, I have served the Boy Scouts of North Carolina in a variety of ways and have been recognized as Scouter of the Year and as a Distinguished Eagle. As a result of my work with schools and scouts, I received the Citizen-Lawyer Award. In addition, I have operated our family farm since 1996 understand the challenges of agriculture and small businesses. I believe my judicial philosophy, qualifications, and judicial record, support my reelection.