Evelyn Smith Wray Village School students build bridges

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Students at The Evelyn Smith Wray Village School recently participated in a bridge-building contest.

Sara Rodriguez, science teacher at The Evelyn Smith Wray Village School, said the sixth-grade science class was studying a technological design unit and designed and tested different protocols of design.

“The way we did this was making our own design for a bridge that needed to hold a 5- and 10-pound weight for at least one minute,” she said.

“The first thing we did was talk about different types of bridges and attributes that made a bridge successful. After looking at different designs the students had to come up with their own design. After drawing plans and making necessary revisions the building got started.”

The bridges had to meet several requirements: students could only use up to 200 Popsicle sticks, the bridge had to be at least 14 inches long, and the same type of glue had to be used.

After three days of building, the bridges were tested. Before each test, students had to make predictions of which bridge would hold the different weights and why they thought so.

“Out of seven students, four students made a bridge that was up to the challenge,” Rodriguez said.

Saralyn Kincer had the overall best design. Her bridge held 15 pounds, and she used the least amount of Popsicle sticks—99.

“We learned a lot about testing different designs and the attributes that make a good bridge,” Rodriguez said.