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This week in local golf action: 93-year-old shoots a 94

By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Stanley Grab, 93, of Little River, S.C., plays golf every Tuesday with the Calabash 3 Putts. Grab, who will be 94 in November, shot a 94 in a recent round at Brierwood. Two weeks previously, he broke 100 for the first time.


The Beachcombers played a modified Stableford tournament Friday at Cypress Bay. The winners with a score of +34 were Hal Riebesehl, Bob Brownley, Roger Dunham and Harry Haggerty. Low gross for the day was Haggerty, 77; Jim Beairsto, 80; and Gary Gutheil, 81. Low nets for the day were Roger Dunham, 63; Jim Beairsto, 65; Bob Smith, 66; Gary Gutheil, 67; and Larry Bollinger, 68. Roger Dunham was voted golfer of the week.


The Brick Landing Plantation Ladies Golf Association played a game of poker on its Oct. 1 league day. Five holes were randomly chosen following the start of play and used to determine the best poker hand from each player’s gross score on that hole.

The first-flight winner was Cathy Shanley. Carol Fredericks was second and Dale Calhoon was third. Mary Biesack had the best hand in the second flight with Mary Tacea second and Pat Baumgartner third. Nancy Dickerson’s hand won the third flight. Mary Cofer and Sue Nelson tied for second. Ellen Rogoff birdied No. 4 and Nancy Dickerson birdied No. 7.


The weekly tournament was Sept. 29. The format was three best nets on all holes.

First was a tie between the team of Bill Kosanke, Mike O’Brien, Eric Nelson and a draw and the team of Bob Koegel, Larry Agrimonti, Glen Gayheart and Alan Morrissey at -28.

Third was the team of Gene Bonstein, Bob Mularczyk, Jim McAvoy and a draw at -21.

Skins: Jim McAvoy, Bob Gorman, Gene Bonstein, Charles Engels, Eric Nelson, Ken Horton, Ed Lakey.

The Brick Landing Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Ken Horton, Al Zyga, Dick Brown, Bob Melleky were first (+17.5 points). Bill Fredericks, Mike O’Brien, Ted Lide and Bob Grabb were second (+16.5 points). Bob Koegel, Bill Carson, Joe Whalen and Alan Morrissey were third (+ 7.0 points).

Individually: Al Zyga was first with +7.5 points. Bill Fredericks was second with +7.0 points. Ken Horton, Eric Nelson, Ted Lide and Joe Whalen were tied for third with + 6.5 points.


The team of Rita DuGan, Glen Green, Jake Lockman and Bob Nobes finished 1-over par and won the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble Sept. 30. In second was the team of Sharon Beavers, Ginny Stegall, Marianne Nobes and Larry Boyer and the team of Fran Thomas, Ralph Trimmer and John Beavers at 2-over par. Marian Johnson, Deloris Gausch, Richard Stegall and Odie Johnson were next.


Results of flight day Sept. 28. Azalea, A: first, Alcina Davis (net 72); second, Grace Byrne (net 74). B: first, Becky Seibert (net 74); second, Karen Buchelt (net 77). C: first, Carrie Wilson (net 80); second, Camille Cantello (net 81). Dogwood, D: first, a tie between Emily Campbell and Kathy Casey (net 79). Second: Joan Harris (net 82). E: first, Ginny Guille (net 84); second, Sue Chopard (net 86).

Chip-ins: Louise Gerber, Azalea No. 5; Sue Sadlon, Azalea No. 9. Birdies: Grace Byrne, Magnolia No. 4. Golfers of the month: Grace Byrne and Becky Seibert.


On Sept. 28 at Farmstead, Ron Doeblin, Joe Meo, Rich West and a draw placed first with a 143. The format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Ned Meier, Jim Kilgo, Bob Jaeger and a draw placed second.

On Sept. 30 at Meadowlands, Ned Meier, George O’Connell, Jen Dearborn and Cliff Musselman placed first with a 145. The format for the day was two nets, with each player assigned four designated holes for scoring. Jim Kennedy, Hugh Chinn, Jody Serensits and Joe Meo were second.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, Ron Doeblin,Cliff Musselman and Jen Dearborn placed first with a 138. Teams scored two nets per hole. In second were Sid Pennington, Ned Meier, John Methvin and Joe Gallo.


The Calabash VFW played its weekly modified Stableford match Sept. 28 at Sea Trail Maples Course. First: Chet Burton, Bobby Poulton, Pat Perryman and Denny Wise at +5.5. Second: Bob Champion, Tom McCormack, Bob Haight and Benny Bruno at +4. Tied for third was the team of Larry Clark, A. Guest, John Goss and Bobby Hall and the team of Joe Williams, Rick Williams, Jim Milstead and Robby Fuller at -0.5. Fourth: Rich Marnell, Bob Quinlan, Tony Nye and Bill McCormick at -4.5. Rick Ballweg, Denny Wise, Tony Nye, Robby Fuller and Lee Harrison had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were Mark Mason, 78; Bobby Poulton, 80; Rick Ballweg, 81; Tony Nye, Larry Clark, Denny Wise, and Robby Fuller, 82.


On Oct. 2, the Calabashers played a Stableford match at the Cypress Bay Golf Course. The winning team was Ron Perry, Ron Dobson and coach Dan Winsett at +14.5. In second was the team of Mike McCormack, Bob Allard, Cookie Delany and Rod Rodriguez at +7.


Results of the Calabash Elks Golf League Sept. 30 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, tying for first were Don Hunt and Herb Johnson with 69s. In the B flight, Guy Lachapelle was first with a 67. In the C flight, Lee Paulikas was first with a 63. Closest to the pin: No. 3, Don Eisenman 8 feet, 3 inches. No. 7, Jim Beairsto, 4-0. No. 12, Bob Malone, 15-0. No. 17, Earl Stone, 6-0.


Results of the four-nets-per-team tourney played Sept. 29 at Land-O-Lakes in Whiteville. First: Corbin Ledford, John Mohler, John Ciemniewski and a draw, 4-under 284. Second: Dick Wilson, Ron Mayo, Eric Mayo and a draw, 3-under 285. Third: Tom Ditzler, Raleigh Putnam, Ray McDowell, Ron Watson, 3-over 291. Fourth: Bill Allen, Bruce Ketcher, Jim Burke, Don Cherry, 10-over 298.


Results of the Winding River Ladies Golf Association pink ball team event Sept. 29. First: Martha Webster, Susan Desloge, Karen Entwistle and draw Maggie Holcomb, net 135. Second: Dottie Reynolds, Carol Rogers, Evelyn Buckner and Nancy Salerno, net 136. Third: Connie Koch, Chris Trickett, Liz Schmitt and draw Beth Patria, net 139.

Birdies: Susan Desloge, Martha Webster, Chris Peacock, Janet Gorman and Kari Soldwedel. Chip-in: Jane Schlesser.


The format was one ball on par-3s, two balls on par-4s and three balls on par-5s. First: Gary Stewart, Ed Morris, Gene Sanborn and Joe Broderick, 125. Second: Art Hahl, Gary Hertling, Buddy Brodnax and Roger Thompson, 127. Third: Clyde Juergens, Jim Burke, Dan Roberts and Jim Powell, 128 (match of cards). Fourth: Frank Talak, Joe McDonough, Dick Boyle and Joe Farmarco, 128. Low gross: John Dougherty, 74. Low net: Jim Burke, 63. Closest to the pin: at 3, Jim Burke; at 7, Arnie Northrop; at 12, Joe McDonough; at 17, Bill Marsh. Skins: Ed Morris, Joe McDonough, Bill Marsh, Gene Sanborn, George Balbach, John Dougherty, Art Hahl, Mal Mac Raild and Wayne Burchfield.


Results of the Fadeaways modified Stableford match Sept 25 at Oyster Bay. Jack Christensen, Donnie Studds, Frank Case and Fred Langston swept the front +4.5 and the back at -6.5. John Koester, Gary Larouche and Mickey Golden won the back at -6. Flight winners: A, -0.5, Gary Larouche; B, -1.5, Jack Christensen; C, +5, Fred Langston. Closest to the pin at No. 6, Woody Woodgere, 1 feet, 9 inches; at No. 8, John Koester, 10-6.

Results of the Stableford match Sept. 30 at Crown Park. Front winners at -4 were Gary Larouche, Jack Christensen and Mickey Blaze. Ted Peters, Ed Kerr and Jerry Way swept the back at +7.5 and overall at +2. Closest to the pin at No. 8 was Bill Souci, 4-10; at No. 10, Mickey Blaze 7-10.

Results of the Stableford match Friday at The Pearl West. Winners of front at +2 were Stan Kwasny, Al Timszyk, Woody Woodgerd and Ray Ketcham. John Koester, Bob Meclery, Mickey Golden and Hank Mattutat swept the back at +6 and overall at +4. Flight winners: A, +1, Herb Johnson; B, +1, Donnie Studds; C, +6 Hank Mattutat. Closest to pin at No. 8, Donnie Studds, 11-6; at No. 13, Herb Johnson, 7-5; at No. 17, Gary Larouche, 13-6.


Results of the Stableford match Sept. 29 at Meadowlands. Front: Steve Lawson, Jackob McLamb, Bob Rangel, Bill Kasper, +6.5; Keith Heyn, Ed Dodson, Dick Cecil, Gordon Much, +5. Back: Steve Lawson, Jackob McLamb, Bob Rangel, Bill Kasper, +11; Keith Heyn, Ed Dodson, Dick Cecil, Gordon Much, +6. Overall: Steve Lawson, Jackob McLamb, Bob Rangel, Bill Kasper, +17.5; Keith Heyn, Ed Dodson, Dick Cecil, Gordon Much, +11. Individual: A, Steve Lawson, Keith Heyn, +5 B, Jackob McLamb, +7; C, Cary Sessi, +3.5; D, Bill Kasper, +3; Superflight, Jackob McLamb, +7.


Kerry Ortmeyer scored an eagle on the par-4 440-yard 15th hole at Leopard’s Chase using a driver and holing out a second shot with a 7-wood.


The winners from the first week of the fall season in the Al Graham Stableford tourney were Don Currutt, Bill Marsh, Mal Mac Raild and J.C. William. They finished at +3. Second was the team of Ed DuPuis, Charlie Swartz, Jim Burke and Bill Teschler at -4. Third at -6 were George Bridges, Ron Mac Dowell, Paul Wuthrich and Jim Garrigan. At -7 were Don Rose, Buddy Broadnax, Tony Languell and Steve Jones.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Sept. 28 at Pineland Country Club in Nichols, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 41 golfers, so there were four flights, A through D. The following are the winners for this week:

A flight: Mike Depauw (75 gross), Marshall Beaver (69 net). B flight: Frank Hess (84 gross), Fred Welch (66 net). C flight: Bob Lange (90 gross), John DeBona (72 net). D flight: Ray O’Donnell (94 gross), Ed Barber (71 net).


The Meadowlands Missfits played a Carolina scramble Sept. 28 at Meadowlands Golf Course. The winning team, with a score of 162, was Lorraine Heroux, Joan Zimmerman, Debbie Hoffer and Eileen Reddy. In second at 164 was the team of Denni Maynard, Judy Bishop, Linda Connolly and Nancy Griffin. Birdies: Grace Kim, No. 5; Claudette Weter, No. 5; Carol Boudreau, No. 5; Janis Ortmeyer, No. 17; M.J. Labant, No. 11; Myriam LaConte, No. 15; Pat Meyer, No. 15; Yvonne Kaldahl, No. 15; Barb Sammons, No. 8; Lorraine Heroux, No. 4; Joan Zimmerman; No. 15; Eileen Reddy, No. 5. Chip-ins: Nancy Griffin, No. 12; M.J. Labant, No. 11; Pat Meyer, No. 9.


Results of the event Sunday at Lion’s Paw. The game was a mixed-couples, four-golfer team event. Count three best total nets: 1. Eric Dunham, Carl Schuster, Pam Fitzgerald, Bev Furman, 210; 2. George James, Lynn Furman, Sue Kane, Carol Dunham, 212; 3. Roger Buck, Rich Kane, Nancy MacDonald, Margaret Dinda, 218; 4. Norm Fitzgerald. Don Rowland, Pat Brooks, Carole Schuster, 219. Low nets: Carole Schuster, 67; Bev Furman, Ann Turner, George James, 69.

Birdies: George Brooks at No. 2, Carl Schuster at No. 13, George James at Nos. 8 and 17, Roger Buck at No. 1, Rick Kane at Nos. 6 and 10. Chip-ins: George Brooks at No. 2, Linda Buck at No. 5, Roger Buck at No. 15, Doug MacDonald at No. 3, Peggy Rowland at No. 12.


Results of the odd-and-even game Sept. 30 at Panther’s Run. First at 91 (16-under par): Sally Duffy, Linda Johnston, Lynn Hollett, Roberta Drummond. Second at 94 (13-under par): Peggy Jones, Peggy Rowland, Bev Furman, Frankie Neal (draw). Third at 95 (12-under par): Carole Milnichuk, Linda Buck, Joanie Marsh, Shirley Lukasik.

Birdies: Sally Duffy at No. 2, Carole Milnichuk at No. 2, Sue Kane at No. 17. Chip-in: Peggy Jones at No. 5. Chip-in birdie: Sally Duffy at No. 2. Low gross: Carole Milnichuk, 84. Low net: Peggy Rowland, 70.


On Sept. 30 at Panther’s Run, the format was two net scores per foursome, for only 16 designated holes. 1. Steve Westfall, Don Bridwell, Chuck Fitzgerald, Glenn Hess (-26, match of cards); 2. Rod Peterson, Terry Zuk, Bob Kirkpatrick, Carl Schuster (-26, mc); 3. Jim McCombs, Jim Crosby, Joe Neal, Hugh Carano (-20, mc); 4. Bob Distel, Dick Sherwood, Glenn Christiansen, Mike Ratchford (-20, mc); 5. Ray Stanley, Dave Powers, Sandy Lonsinger, Bob Ludman (-19). Closest to pin: at 2, Nelson Johnson; at 11, Dick Sherwood. Low gross: Rod Peterson, 71; Chappy Jones, Ray Stanley, Steve Westfall, 76; Dave Janowski, Ed McCloskey, Tom Russell, 77. Low net: Chuch Fitzgerald, 64; Hugh Carano, 66; Bob Kirkpatrick, 66; Rich Scaler, 67.


Bob Butkevicius scored a +8 and won the weekly Players Golf Association tournament at Meadowlands Golf Course. The format was modified Stapleford. Second by a match of cards was Bill Russell, also with a +8. Third was Bob Lange at +2 by a match of cards over Ernie Schober, Bob Davis and Jim Marsh. Closest to the pin were Bob Davis at 5 and 11, Jim Marsh at 8 and Ernie Schober at 15.


Results of the low gross, low net tourney Sept. 29. Sand to Piper, low gross, 1. Judy Nicoletti, 78; T-2. Barbara Swanson and Ella Mae Brooks, 95. Low net: 1. Joyce Westcott, 69; 2. Jean Hartwell, 70; 3. Jacquie Bridge, 71.

Piper to Bay: low gross, 1. Patty Lawton, 104; 2. Ro Martere, 110. Low net: 1. Candy Jones, 74; T-2. Judy DeStefon and Ethel Nobles, 77.

Birdies: Ro Martere, Piper No. 3; Ethel Nobles, Piper No. 6; Judy Nicoletti, Sand No. 8 and Piper No. 5; Keety Fitzpatrick, Sand No. 8; Jacquie Bridge, Sand No. 3. Chip-ins: Keety Fitzpatrick, Sand No. 4 and Sand No. 8; Jacquie Bridge, Piper No. 1; Ann Pollock, Piper No. 4; Judy DeStefon, Bay No. 6.


Results of the tourney Friday. The format was net scores for two-man team. Teams were established by a draw: player A from the delete group and player B from the elite group. First: Gene Anderson and Bob Nicoletti with a 134. Second was a 138 by Len Borriello and Greg Scalzi. Third went to John Grossglass and Al Hooker, 139. Fourth was a 142 by John Hannigan and a draw. Fifth was a tie at 145 between the team of Bob Arace and John Radziewski and the team of Mark Marshall and Wayne Purdy. Closest to the pin: Al Hooker on Bay No. 3 and Mark Marshall on Bay No. 5.


Playing a game of T’s and F’s with one-half handicap at Carolina Shores, Donna Watkins won with a net 32. She also came in first for low gross (95) and low net (68). Carol Groner came in second with the same hat trick: low game (33), low gross (96) and low net (71). Carolyn Bosman did the same for third place with a 33, a 104 and a 72.

Sharon Clark had fewest putts, 28.


The game Sept. 30 was was all four net scores. Bay to Sand: first, a 288 by Bob Nicoletti, Harvey Stratton, Ed McTighe and Bill Lester. Second: a 289 by Don Baker, Joe Cramer, Jack Hinte and Tom Lucket. Sand to Piper: First went to John Donnelly, Bill Snyder, Steve Logan and Otto Nelke with a 298. Second was a 307 by Chuck Denny, Don Capretta, Tony Hanna and Dick Eby. Piper to Bay: first, a 288 by Lance Lewin, Lee Parker, Bill Pohlman and John Grossglass. Second was a 289 by John Nicholson, Ron Yuricek, Tom Townsend and Al Paynter.


The highlight of the day in the Sandpiper Bay event Sept. 30 was an eagle-3 on the 458-yard ninth hole of the Bay course by Joe Cramer. He used a driver, a 3-wood and holed out his approach with a sand wedge. He was playing with Don Baker, Jack Hinte and Tom Lucket.


On Sept. 27, the format was Texas scramble, using five clubs. First: Gail Miller and Frank Hunter. Second. Mary Bergere and Ray Coakley. Third: Joan Mason and Dick Lehrer. Fourth: Libby Wilson and Bob Cunningham. Fifth: Kathy Christen and Scott Bernreuther tied with Flo Hill and George Scheidle. Sixth: Julie Burton and David Foulds. Seventh: Mary Alice Jerome and Ed Kazan tied with Maureen Foley and Lou DeVita.


The format Sept. 29 at the Maples Course was four-man teams. Teams recorded the best ball on par-5s, two best on par-4s, three best on par-3s. A flight: 1. Jim Hunt, Bill Kenny, Dick Sellers and Lee Sutton, 114; 2. Dick Couch, Dennis deLagarde, Gary Fagan and Jim Foley, 115; 3. Scott Bernreuther, Lou DeVita, Pete Hauver and Jim Hitchcock, 116; B flight: 1. Alex Anastasiou, Dick Latham, Frank Martorelli and Ed Seidel, 116; 2. Roy Cundiff, Gary Keife, Howard Van Dusen and Dick Zinser, 117; 3. Ron Klein, Tom Layden, Bob Leahy and Charlie Schorpp, 118.


The Lady Niners played their club championship tournament Sept. 28 on the front of the Jones course and Oct. 1 on the back of the Byrd course. The club champion is Cherle Rothermele, with a 70. Nancy Harris shot a 71 and Diane Carcich a 74.