Golf roundup

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By Staff Report

 Staff Report

These are summaries sent to the Beacon by area golf leagues.



The Beachcombers played a 1-2-3 tournament on Friday, May 16, at Crow Creek. The winners with a score of 120 (-27) were Bob Brownley, Sid Silvers, Bob Smith and Gary Gutheil. Second were Reggie Auten, Dennis Keane, Bill McDavit and Jim Ritter at 123. Low rounds: Silvers and Gutheil, 83; Keane, 84; and Scott McBean, 89. Net: Keane, 63; Gutheil, 64; Silvers, 67; Larry Cecil, 68; and McBean, 69. Keane is golfer of the week.


Brick Landing

Net results May 15. Add the scores of the nine shortest holes and subtract half your handicap. First flight winner was Sharon Brown (25), second was Irene Dowdy (27) and third was Keith Webb (30). Second flight winner was Nancy Dickerson (27), second was Peg Agrimonti (28) and third was Mary Tacea (30). Webb had a birdie at 1. Brown had a chip-in at 16 and Dowdy had a chip-in at 10. Brown was closest to pin at 2 and 5.


Brierwood MGA

Results of points May 15. Tying for first at 113 points was the team of Larry Boyer, Mike Prokop, Dave Capitano, Bob Janovic and the team of Dennis Shea, Paul Salerno, Chuck Hornfeck and Al Bloom. In third with 102 points was the team of Bob Nobes, Dave Harper, Gary McDaniel and Bernie Gruzlewski. Shea shot a net 56.


Brierwood WGA

Gross and net results May 13, first flight: Nancy Kumlin, 88; Sue Janovic, 63. Second flight: Cindy Northrup and Sara Baynton, 104. Marianne Nobes, 74. Putts: Sherry Pitman, Janovic and Mary Schaack, 30. Northrup birdied No. 3.


Brunswick Plantation

Results May 12 of yellow ball. Winning team with a score of 129 were Becky Seibert, Denise Edwards, Pat Haniquet and Denise Rochford. Closest to pin: Trish Lemmon at Azalea 2 and Rochford at Magnolia 4. Chip-in: Celie Cionek at Azalea 4 and Carole Cionek at Azalea 7. Birdie: Rochford at Magnolia 4. 



The game May 12 at Shaftsbury Glen was a net and a gross on each hole. First at 139 were Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin and Bob Jaeger. Second were Steve Maiorca, Pete Scott and Greg Jensen. Third were Geoff Girling, Jody Serensits and Von Hincher.

The game May 14 was a First Tee game of Chicago at the Pearl. Tied for first were Von Hincher and Sid Pennington with Von Hincher winning on a match of cards. Third was Tony Languell.

The game Friday, May 16, at Heather Glen was a net and a gross on each hole. The winning team was Dan Kutschman, Sam Farag, Ron Rogowski and player by draw were first at 145. Second were Scott, Maiorca, John Tighe and a player by draw. 


Carolina Bogey Busters

Results May 13 at Eagle Nest. Flight A, gross: Joe Burmer, 78; Dick Wilson, 85; Charlie Dugan, 89. Flight B, gross: Corbin Ledford, 86; Malcolm Jaggard, 91; Ray McDowell, 93. Flight A, net: Burmer and Dugan, 68; Wilson, 70; Eric Mayo, 71. Flight B, net: Ledford, 64; Jaggard, 65; McDowell, 67. Closest to pin: flight A, Burmer; flight B, McDowell. Putts: Burmer, 26; Mayo, 29; Wilson, Ledford and Tom Ditzler, 31; Dugan and Bob Ciemniewski, 32.


Calabash Elks

Results May 14, at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Don Hunt was first with a net 78. In the B flight, Ralph Capuano was first with a net 66. In the C flight, Guy Lachapelle and Glenn Matthews tied for first with nets of 74. Closest to the pin: At No. 3, Lynn Harbold, 3 feet; at 7, Bill Toomey 7-3; at 12, Tom Nally, 11-0; at 17, Bob Schuster, 21-5.


Grand Strand SMGA

The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly tournament May 12 at Arcadian Shores Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C.,  and 99 golfers participated in seven flights. Flight A: Jim Garriott (72 gross), Layne Madsen (60 net). B flight: Bert Hayslip (80 gross), David Cliff (62 net). C flight: Jim Harlow (79 gross), Bill Roberts (65 net). D flight: Chuck Brown (79 gross), Jack Frischmann (66 net). E flight: Neil Clem (80 gross), Fred Welch (61 net). F flight: Bud Schmader (91 gross), Dick Harper (65 net). G flight: Bill Harbin (85 gross), Jack Schwichtenberg (62 net). Closest-to-the pin, white tee: No. 2, Jim Garriott 15 feet, 5 inches; No. 8, Bill Flickinger, 24-8; No. 15, Bill King, 8-9; No. 17, King, 10-4. Gold tee: No. 2, Dan Boarman, 5-7; No. 8, Brown, 7-6; No.15, Ken Bostic, 7-8; No. 17, Henry Mangone, 6-9.

Ocean Ridge LGA

Results May 14 at Tiger's Eye. Foursomes record two nets on each hole. Holes 1 to 6 one best net from each cart. Holes 7 to 12 driver A and passenger B record one net and driver B and passenger A record one net. Holes 13 to 15 drivers and passengers switch.

Three teams scored 26-under par. On match of cards, first were to Michelle Sherwood, Carole Schuster, Marti Serensits and Phyllis O'Connor. Second were Joan Hill, Peggy Jones, Sharon Benson and Barbara Augone. Third were Sue Carano, Linda Johnston, Liz Waldron and Melanie Kelly. Gross: Debby Bevan, 87. Net: Kelly, 56. Chip-ins: Hill at No. 9. Birdies: Bevan at 17.


Ocean Ridge

Results May 12 at Panther’s Run of beat your quota. First by winning on a match of cards with 33 points was Carl Schuster. Second was Glenn Christiansen, third Joe Coffini, 30, and fourth with 26 points Ralph Divito. Closest to pin on No. 6 was Chuck Gibson at 10 feet, 10 inches; at 11, John Hill, 9-11.

Stableford results May 14 at Tiger’s Eye. First with a score of 142 was the team of Guy Giancarlo, Doug MacDonald, Eric Dunham and Bill Benton. Second with a total of 130 was Richie Liggera, Bill Johnston, Bob Hartman and Rich Kane. Third by a match of cards with 125 point were Rick Wheaton, Kevin Fitzgerald, Ralph DiVito and Dick Atkinson. Fourth were Dennis Miller, Wally Milnichuk, Frank Burianek and Richard Kelley. Closest to pin at 17 was Mike Ratchford, 3 feet, 4 inches. Net: Coffini, 62; Ron Kishbaugh, 63; Liggera, 64.

Stableford results May 14 at Lion’s Paw. First with 103 points was the team of Jim Jullien, Bill Bixler, Bill Hall and Julian Nevetsky. Second with 102 points were Dave Janowski, Bill Carter, Bob Kirkpatrick and Ted Pounds. Third with 90 points were David Roth, George Cassidy, Chuck Fitzgerald and Bob Fatzinger. Closest to pin: Dave Janowski (white tees) and Bob Kirkpatrick (gold tees).



Results May 13. Bay to Sand, gross: Diane Rauch, 89; Candy Jones, 93; Pat Reilley, 94. Net: Ann Pollack, 69; Bev Sanford, 70; Barb Swanson, 72. Birdies: Jones, Sand 2; Rauch, Bay 7 and Sand 8. Chip-ins: Patty Lawton, Bay 2; Beth Pethtal, Bay 8; Bev Sanford, Bay 2.


Players Golf Association

 Stableford results May 8 at Meadowlands of Ed Riedel 10th annual Memorial Tournament. Overall winner Bill Russell, +13. Flight A: Russell, +13; Paul Groves, +9; John Calabrese and Rich Michaels, +7; Gary Cohen and Tim Biser, +6; Bill Favro, +1. Flight B: Howard Radcliff, +10; Dick Pearce, +7; Bill Kasper and Mike Rivera, +5; Bob Lange and Ernie Weeks, +4. Closest to pin: at 4: Cohen; at 8, Steve Jones; at 11, Rivera; at 15, Bob Martin. 


Rich Michaels scores eagle

Rich Michaels scored an eagle May 8 on the par-5, 388-yard 14th hole at Meadowlands using a driver and a 9-iron to reach the green and sinking the putt.


Sea Trail couples

Twenty-four members played a scramble May 11 on the Byrd Course.

First at 8: Lou DeVita, Jim Grossi, Mary Lou Dunbar and Mary Cundiff. Second at -6: Ches Burton, Ken Dunbar, Flo Hill and Jo Ann Barton; Dick Saunders, Jim Gooding, Mo Spada and Carol Humphreys.


Sea Trail LGA

Results May 14 at Maples Course of nine blind holes. 1. Jo Cambria, 34; 2. Madeline Dubas, 35.5; 3. Nancy Flaherty, 36; 4. JoAnn Barton, 36.5; Bobbie deLagarde, 36.5; Mo Spada, 36.5; 5. Kathy Blaine, 37. Teal tee: 1. Hazel Forlidas, 27.5; 2. Sharon Markatos, 29. Birdies: Spada at 1, Marti Kennedy at 3 and 15, Forlidas at 6, Flaherty at 16. Chip-ins: Louisa Clatterbuck at 4, Forlidas at 6, Myrt Crowe at 10, deLagarde at 11, Gloria Lee at 14, Kennedy at 15.


Sea Trail men

Sea Trail men played their annual three-round, team match-play tournament April 29, May 6 and May 13. Six points were awarded for each hole. The white team finished first (1039.5) and its players were Bill Jones, Bill Muckridge, Eric Schultz, Skip O’Leary, Mike Campbell, Brian Blaine, Mike Hargreaves, Bill Shovlin, Alan Suvalle, Roy Cundiff, Mike Luff, Larry Tedesco and Bill Connor. In second was green (1,032.5), in third, red (974.5) and in fourth, blue (949.5).


True Lies

Results of two nets May 17 at The Valley. Jim Bozzone, Allen Butterfass,

Dennis Sullivan and Ollie Guthrie, 112 on a draw; Bob Rigoli, Carmen Frederico,

Charlie Dugan and Mark Segar, 112; Dave Stralkowski, Artie Behringer, Rich

Borakove and Rick Joy, 117. Closest to pin: Charlie Dugan (two), Dave Stralkowski and Bob Rigoli. Segar eagled the ninth with a driver and a wedge.


Winding River WGA

The Winding River Women’s Golf Association played the game of criers May 13 at Carolina National. Each golfer was able to convert her three worst holes to par. Flight 1: Dawn Cloutier (60), Linda Bergstrom (61), Diana Wells (62). Flight 2: Randi Fischer and Carol Rogers (tie, 59), Cathy Mack (60). Flight 3: Barb Rainey (53), Donna Agopsowicz and Louise Widmyer (tie, 59). Flight 4: Roni Roberti (50), Carole McNeil and Marlene Stapelfeldt (tie, 59).

Also on May 13, Ronie Roberti broke 100 for the first time with a gross score of 96.

Janet Gorman and Cloutier had birdies. Rosalie Stream, Marianne Caruana, Carol McAndrews, Sue Charles and Stapelfeldt chipped in. Fischer chipped in for a birdie. On May 15, Rogers scored a birdie.