It’s time to move away from this shame

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To the editor:
Come Nov. 6, the congressional cones of uncertainty and silence will change with vigor. The Chicago thugs will be out on their ears to include their well-documented intimidation techniques.
The new administration’s Department of Justice will review how remiss the Obama DOJ was in enforcing our laws. Our constitution will be resurrected as the foundation of our great country. Our military leaders will again look their subordinates in the eyes showing leadership, rather than be forced to celebrate disgusting gay pride events. The shame brought upon this country by the Obama/Biden Administration will fade into history as some of our nation’s worst years.
If we don’t staunchly support Romney/Ryan, but rather hide behind our apathy, then we too become part of the current Chicago-thuggery machine.
Conversely, if Romney/Ryan fail to go after the current administration with strong admonition and resounding battle cries for returning to our “exceptionalism,” then they also should be shamed in history for ineffectual representation leading to eventual demise of this once-great nation.
Too often we let the more brash partisan politics silence our real thoughts. I conclude that if we remain silent in discussions with friends, North Carolina and other swing states might go back to Obama.
We need to push the socialist, anti-capitalist agenda to the curb. Support only those who will promulgate our principles.
The U.S.A. can once again stand as a strong and moral nation. This is the most critical November ever to face this electorate.
Ken Drennan