Kennel gift rewards bad dog owner

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To the editor:

There are hundreds of dogs tethered in Brunswick County who need a great kennel like the one recently provided by an anonymous donor for a dog in Ocean Isle Beach. This act removed the dog from the muddy, feces-covered space she lived in but it brings up many questions:

Are funds available to provide kennels for every tethered dog in Brunswick County? The complaints will certainly be fewer about this dog’s condition, as no one can see her now. She was moved to a more remote part of the yard where she is only seen at a distance. Now only the family can see her conditions.

Does buying a nice cage for her mean they will take better care of her?

Will they walk the extra steps to feed and clean the kennel daily?

Will the new cage be cleaned better than her previous space?

Was the dog’s owner rewarded for neglecting her?

Don’t families who work to be prepared for a family pet deserve the same resources?

Why not bring the dog inside to be a part of the family? Novel idea!

Dogs are pack animals. It is a proven fact they suffer in isolation.

Will she see even less of her human family now?

The long-term welfare of this dog is important.

Maybe the anonymous donor will agree to buy kennels for the hundreds of dogs in our county still living at the end of a chain.

Janie Withers

Ocean Isle Beach