Loved story about homelessness

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To the editor:
I can’t say I enjoy reading about the homeless, but it touches me in a strong way. I’m 87 years old and a World War II veteran, 161 days of front-line fighting in a Sherman tank, 3rd Army under Gen. Patton.
My last report was 25 percent of these homeless are veterans. Why? There are still lots of people out there who love and care for the veterans, but not enough.
There is no point for anyone to go hungry or be stranded away from home. Help should be on the 911 line. That’s where the big money is. Most of our churches have big, fat bank accounts. Our VFW Posts have nice bank accounts. Sometimes you have simple things you have to do, like your car breaks down while you are away or your money runs out. You didn’t do this on purpose; it just happened. This is where good laws should take over. Thanks to you, Rachel, you were there with them.
We cannot blame this stuff on the North. I was born and raised in Ash and never got any place further than Shallotte until 1941. In 1945 after the war, I started driving in Brunswick County. I learned fast—if you had a dollar in your pocket, you were safe.
It’s dangerous to be away from home. Homeless people have a place to go for help and most know what to do. Some people out on the road away from home get stranded. If it never happened before, they don’t know what to do, even if you have roadside insurance. Always pray for a good policeman to show up.
London L. Gore