Marriage amendment is bullying

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To the editor:
Society has recognized the harm done to an individual who is discriminated against and is a victim of bullying. Unfortunately, it has taken suicide of young people to awaken us to bullying’s terrible consequences.
We have initiated programs in schools to teach tolerance and acceptance. We teach children to fight bullying and to stand up for and support each other in a positive manner. We reach out to parents to teach tolerance and compassion to children.
So, what did North Carolina do on May 8? It identified itself as the biggest bully in the schoolyard by passing the Marriage Amendment.
What were you thinking, North Carolina? You pass a law that condones and makes legal a discriminatory act against another person. In the United States, all honest and law-abiding citizens are entitled to equal rights, privileges and protection under our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
Is this not what makes our country free and strong? North Carolina, are you not a part of this unique and wonderful country?
What message are you giving children? We are telling them to be tolerant, caring and compassionate toward each other, and then we turn around and display hateful, intolerant and discriminatory behavior toward. This is hypocrisy.
It is my hope our children will have the moral strength and intelligence to stand up to such an elitist law as the Marriage Amendment.
I hope children will be the ones to stand side-by-side in support of everyone in this country. That is what makes us free.
Marge Friesleben
Sunset Beach