ONDBEAT Anti-Trumpers to defy (and make) inauguration history

On what historically has been a celebratory day for an incoming president, this Friday’s inauguration for our 45th president is stacking up to be noteworthy in other ways.

Judging by this week’s headlines in the mainstream media, one wonders if those planning protests have teamed with Westboro Baptist Church, another group determined to exercise its assorted freedoms of expression at the most inopportune times.

“Here are the Democrats boycotting Trump’s inauguration,” trumpeted the day’s main headline this past weekend on Time.com. Several, it said, had opted to boycott “after Trump’s criticism of (U.S.) Rep. John Lewis,” which, it mentioned several paragraphs further down, grew in the wake of Lewis lashing out first by declaring the duly elected president illegitimate. That’s all.

The good news about these absences is it opens up more seats for Americans who really want to be there.

Other announcements on the eve of transition:

“Obama and his movement prepare to challenge President Trump,” announced NBC News because, also in contradiction to outgoing presidential tradition, the 44th president “may be leaving the White House but he isn’t totally going away.”

“Anti-Trump protestors plan demonstration outside the New York City home of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner,” blared London’s Daily Mail, because they can.

According to this group, everyone can soon wave bye-bye to “freedom of speech, affordable health care, LGBT rights, women’s health, climate change, nuclear regulation, education, immigrant and civil rights” as well as their kitchen sinks.

Whether they can carry a tune or (mostly) not, Hollywood elite have been belting out a new rendition of “I Will Survive,” because we can always count on them for entertainment and enlightenment.

And Clinton News Network posted an update about how the White House Correspondents Association is mandating “unity” against the Trump administration, because they don’t want the press corps to be “exploited.” We always hate when that happens.

Politico warned this week’s inauguration is likely to be a record-setting display and clash of political differences, not just at the National Mall but in and around Washington, D.C.’s hotels and restaurants and anywhere else trouble might be stirred in our nation’s capital.

“Like much of Trump’s campaign, the festivities and crowd descending on Washington for the inauguration will not neatly fit into Washington’s norms,” the website announced.

“The tolerant Left on full display,” one commenter observed on Lucianne.com. “What can go wrong?”

Let’s just hope they don’t have to summon the big, bad police to settle some of the differences.

Laura Lewis is a staff writer for the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or llewis@brunswickbeacon.com.