ONDBEAT Pet and SOUPer bowls biggest winners in this playbook

The color, the drama, the halftime action.

What wasn’t there to rave about at the SBI Woman’s Club’s ninth annual SOUPer Bowl at Shallotte Presbyterian Church?

Once again, members rallied to serve up a winning combination in the annual lineup of soups. Starting at 11 a.m. last Saturday, right on cue, a crowd converged and got into formation for their souvenir handmade ceramic bowls and variety of soups.

Then it was kickoff time, with club members sprinting out with assorted hot seasonal soups that were lapped up as quickly as they could be ladled into hungry diners’ bowls.

Donated MVP varieties recorded on the soup board during the first half of the event included club member Kimmie Durham’s terrific tomato basil, Sweet Southern Sas’ savory sweet potato, Deana Milliken’s charming chicken noodle, Wing & Fish’s worth-clamoring-for clam chowder, Roberto’s perfect pasta fagioli and Brenda Hooks’ tasty taco soup.

When those were (quickly) depleted (score!), more donated savory soups followed until all pots and bowls were scraped clean. The talent was all in the secret recipes and wrists.

Everybody was a winner — the diners with their sated SOUPer Bowl cravings and the club for its annual fundraising effort to benefit local food pantries.

This was just the start of another super weekend, which as most gridiron fans know culminated on Sunday with the biggest games of the day saturating TV screens across America.

Yes, fans, I’m talking about Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl V and Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIV, which didn’t disappoint with the usual athletic animal action and flurries of fur on the “pawfields.”

Anyone missing these perfect pet sleights-of-agility could tap into kitten live time-lapse as well as the Kitten Bowl’s overtime fur-for-all and replays of the amazing winning two- and even three-cat conversions perched squarely on the kitty goalpost.

But who was the night’s MVK, feline fans are likely wondering. Tune into the cat play-by-plays on the Hallmark Channel website to find out.

Not to be outdone, the Puppy Bowl showcased a record lineup of adoptable pups from 48 shelters and rescue groups in 25 states in the night’s Pup-triots versus B-Eagles game on the new bone-shaped field, which kicked off with talented hen Jokgu of “America’s Got Talent” pecking out The Star-Spangled Banner on the keyboard.

While Meep the rescue parrot got into place to start tweeting out game action, the Puppy Bowl cheerleading squad consisting of rescued bunnies, piglets and ducklings paraded out with a celebration dance.

Not to be outdone by Justin Timberlake, the Puppy Bowl half-time show featured feline group Kitt-ENSYNC performing “Meow Meow Meow” to the tune of “Bye Bye Bye,” which was purr-fectly executed.

The Puppy Bowl itself was another doggone hit, with a 100 percent agility and adoption rate featuring a blend of breed talent and abilities.

As Puppy Bowl announcers succinctly put it about the pups: “Guts, glory and unstoppable cuteness.”

What a superb way to sum up another super weekend.


Laura Lewis is a staff writer for the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or llewis@brunswickbeacon.com.