ONDBEAT: Summer prime time for zapping buzzing Zika-spreaders

Every year about this time we should all fear the approach of the Aedes albopictus.

This “Asian tiger” bloodsucker is just one of Brunswick County’s 47 identified mosquito species and, I believe, the ominous one buzzing my ear late one night, literally awakening me to the reality of summertime pest season.

Fetching my handy jug of proboscis poison, I aimed the sprayer in the general locale over my bed where this potential disease-spreader was last heard. I think it worked, because I didn’t hear any buzzing, nor did I suffer any itchy telltale welts or Zika virus, the rest of the night.

Still, this isn’t the time of year to rest on one’s backyard hammock, so to speak, thinking you don’t have to be mindful of mosquitoes and other biting summertime critters.

This year, I’m entertaining the idea of investing in one of those electric zappers as I saw on TV.

For just $19.99, the ZappLight miracle LED light bulb is supposed to zip any zooming Zika-carriers to zilch.

But wait. If you buy one ZappLight, you can get a second one for a separate fee of just $9.99. Except for the extra $9.99, it’s almost like getting one free.

This also sounds like a better remedy than the as-seen-on-TV Magic Mesh I tried a few years ago, a two-piece magnetic door screen that was supposed to let pets in but keep skeeters out.

Unfortunately, promoters didn’t say anything about possums, one of which snuck its way into my house through the back porch Magic Mesh and took me another two days to evict, manually, with an umbrella.

Last Thursday, I was fortunate to find two vendors vouching for all-natural bug spray at the Waterfront Market in Sunset Beach Town Park.

Sunny Soap, consisting of filtered water, ethyl alcohol and essential oils, is touted as great for no-see-ums and mosquitoes using no chemicals or additives.

Marge “Mama” Bell, another vendor from Oak Island, was peddling her “Mama’s Secret” natural insect repellent containing essential oils, no alcohol and no chemicals.

Mama said her secret has to do with her four essential oils. You can ask her what they are, but she won’t tell. It’s a secret.

Showing how simple it is to use, she said just shake it, spritz it, rub your hands together, apply when you need it and go.

“You’ll never have to worry about (biting bugs) again in your life,” promised Mama — and who doesn’t listen to their Mama?

This sounds a lot safer than my plastic jug of skeeter-cide.


Laura Lewis is a staff writer for the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or llewis@brunswickbeacon.com.