Reasons not to like Mike

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: A June 12 letter called for Rep. Mike McIntyre to be voted out of Congress, saying 10 years was enough and his stand with Democratic party beliefs was against what the writer believed in.

Here are two more reasons to vote him out this election:

McIntyre voted in lockstep with his Democratic Party bosses for HR-6, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

This fancy named law did nothing to bring on new sources of gasoline, oil, electricity and power for the United States, and thus will not bring energy independence to America. Instead, the government comes into your home and forces us to use the expensive new mercury-containing light bulbs, so much so it will be illegal to sell the incandescent light bulbs starting in 2012.

These bulbs cost more, do not light up as fast as incandescent bulbs, and are all made in Communist China. We spend more and send the money overseas for energy independence—great thinking, Mike.

McIntyre is in lockstep with Democratic Party bosses to shut down talk radio. This radio format has been going about exposing the waste and abuses in Washington for the last 20 years.

It gives alternative views and sheds light onto all sorts of subjects from Supreme Court nominations, amnesty legislation, review of proposed laws and pork barrel spending.

It exposes the lies, stupidity and spin members of Congress and the White House put onto many different issues.

It is no wonder members of Congress want to close down this window into their behavior and actions. All dictators have done this, from the British in Colonial Days by taxing pamphlets, to Stalin in Russia, Castro in Cuba, Mao in China, Kim in North Korea and more.

These despots want to control news, and the people will hear only their side of an issue. The people will never hear other sides of a story and will never be able to make up their mind between opposing views.

Likewise the Democratic Party does not want light shone on their actions and behavior. Their slogan to control what you hear is called the Fairness Doctrine, and right now is aimed at talk radio.

Some government bureaucrat will decide what you hear, but what if they go further—say after Christian Radio as it does not give equal programming time to other religions, or book subject matter because it does not have an alternative view. What then?

Thank you, McIntyre, for supporting your Democratic Party bosses who are trying to limit my right to free speech under the First Amendment.