Robberies spark alarm in Carolina Shores

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By Laura Lewis, Reporter

CAROLINA SHORES—It’s happened not once, but twice in a two-week span.

Late on two Sunday nights in October, armed robbers descended on the Food Lion store in Carolina Commons shopping center, forcing employees to hand over undetermined amounts of money in both incidents.

The first robbery occurred around 10:50 p.m. Oct. 16. The second occurred at about 10:18 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30. Both incidents involved two male suspects.

In the latest incident Sunday, the suspects wore Halloween masks.

Residents shopping at the store Monday afternoon expressed concerns about the incidents, which they said are indicative of a rise in crime.

“Well, it happens everywhere,” a Calabash woman said as she placed groceries in her car. “Our justice system sucks.”

Another woman said since the south-end sheriff’s substation is just down the road, security ought to be beefed up.

“We get too comfortable in our neighborhoods,” she said. “We think that these things don’t happen. Maybe it’s time for a security guard.”

Jimmy Smith, who lives just down the road from the store, said he has concerns since he stops by the store frequently.

“Late at night, they might need to post a deputy here,” he said.

Smith said the incidents are reflective of the poor economy.

“Nobody has jobs, and people are going to start doing stuff like this,” he said. “Until the government gets our job situation straightened out, we’re going to live like this.”

The sheriff’s office believes the incidents are related, but can’t say whether the same people are involved. As an investigation continues, the department has been sending deputies to assist store employees at closing.

A store manager was unable to comment and referred a reporter to a phone number for Food Lion’s corporate headquarters.

A Food Lion spokeswoman said the company is working closely with law enforcement.