Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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The Beachcombers played a modified Stableford tournament Friday at Cypress Bay. The winners with at +17.5 were Bill Cameron, Russ Russo, Jim Beairsto and Bob Smith. In second place at +17 were Bob Brownley, Ed Kinney, Stu Cleveland and Jim Ritter. The most over-his-points was Dan O’Connell at +9. Lowest gross: Randy Cogdill 82, Dan O’Connell 83, Russ Russo 86, Paul Michal and Gary Gutheil 87, Stu Cleveland and Jim Beairsto 88, Dennis Keane 89. Lowest nets: Dan O’Connell 61 and Randy Cogdill 65. Dan O’Connell is golfer of the week.

Brierwood MGA
Stableford results Jan. 30. The team of Dave Harper, Chuck Hornfeck, Ron Arvidson and Bob Nobes won with a 97. Second was the team of Tom Arney, Bernie Gruzlewski, Dennis Shea and draw at 92. Third at 87 was the team of Paul Salerno, Jim Pope, Bob Janovic and a draw.
Results Feb. 2 two best-ball match: George Edwards, Dave Harper, Bernie Gruzlewski and a draw were first at -28. Second at -22 were Paul Salerno, Mike Prokop, Chuck Hornfeck and Ron Arvidson.

Brunswick Plantation MGA
Results Jan. 31 (two nets on par 3s and par 4s, three nets on par 5s). Azalea-Magnolia: 1. Barry Anshell, Doc Eagan, George Cain, Steve Seibert, -21; 2. Ray Zera, Walt Lina, Marty Krygiel, Lee Marsh, -19; 3. Joe Cantello, Doug Groves, Bill Jennings, Andy Smyka, -18. Magnolia-Dogwood: 1. Frank Suppa, Jeff Hayden, Roger Pogoda, Mickey Buchelt, -25; 2. Bob Kogler, Al Sansone, Fred Poliniak, Dave Cionek,  -22; 3. George Hoeffler, Tom Cionek, Gary Kershner, Ken Green, -13. Lowest round:  Dave Cionek, 77.
Results Jan. 24. Azalea-Magnolia: 1. Rich Pesevento, Pete Veum, Ed Usher, Frank Suppa; 2. Andy Smyka, Jerry Ilngalls, Al Sansone Rich Davis; 3. Larry MacDonald, Ron Iekel, Bob Castriota, Bill Rochford. Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Dick Kurtz, Dan Giessing, Barry Anshell, Bob Gillespie; 2. Dave Cionek, Fred Poliniak, Walt Lina, Don Haniquet; 3. Phil Meckling, George Cain, Roger Pagoda, Bob Kogler.
Stableford results Feb. 2, Magnolia-Dogwood: 1. Marty Krygiel, +11; 2. Jack Burgess, +10; 3. Dennis Radke, +7; 4 Rick Pesavento, +6. Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Tony Ingorgia, +11 (mc); 2. Pete Veum, +11; 3. Bob Gillespie, +8; 4. Barry Anshell, +7; 5. Tom Bushmeier, +6.

Results Jan. 29 at The Legends Parkland course: Pete Scott, Steve Maiorca, Sid Pennington and Joe Gallo were first at 161. The teams scored two nets per hole. Placing second were Frank Janton, Ron Doeblin, John Ducey and Art Thompson.
On Feb. 1 at Glen Dornach, Steve Maiorca, Pete Scott, Rich West and John Methvin were first at 162. Teams scored three nets on the par 3s and two nets on all the other holes. Frank Janton, Karl Pettersen, John Ducey and Art Thompson were second.
On Friday at Oyster Bay, members played to a Stableford format. Art Thompson placed first on a match of cards at 40 over Frank Janton. Sid Pennington at 38 matched over Karl Petersen. Joe Gallo was fifth at 36.

Calabash Elks
Results of the Calabash Elks Golf League match Feb. 1 at Carolina Shores: In the A flight, Bill Malloy was first with a 65. In the B flight, Mike McCormack was first with a 68. In the C flight, Sigi Mayo was first with a 62. Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Sigi Mayo, 6 feet. On No. 7, Don Eisenman 17-6. On No. 12, Jim Newmeyer 5-4. On No. 17, Glenn Matthews 8-0.

Calabash Tee-Birds
The Calabash VFW Tee-Birds played their weekly modified Stableford match Feb. 1 at Heather Glen. First: John Goss, Bob Hall, Rick Ballweg and Jim Edwards at +20. Second: Frank Marrone, Tony Nye, Pete McGerr and Lee Harrison at +12. Third: Ken Anthony, Don Fidura, Bobby Poulton and Teddy Tattersall at +6.5. Fourth at +3 were Bill Hertline, Bill McCormick, Rich Murray and Andy Ward.

Carolina Shores men
Results Friday at Carolina Shores. The game was two low nets on par 3s and par 5s and 3 low nets on par 4s. First at 167 were Mike Fedak, Gary Hertling, Mike Donahue and Roger Thompson. Second at 169 were Art Hahl, John Dougherty, Jim Burke and John Ogden. Third at 174 (mc) were George Balbach, Ed Dupuis, Dick Boyle and Bob Fyock. Fourth at 174 were Glenn Ikens, Jim Powell, Fen Loomer and Bob Matteson. Closest to pin at No. 3, George Balbach; at No. 7, Bob Matteson; at No. 12, Joe Farmarco; at No. 17, Joe Fioravanti. Gross: Glenn Ikens, 76. Net: Mike Donahue, 65.

Crow Creek MGA
On Jan. 31, 11 three-man teams competed in a game of two lowest nets. First at 16 under were Jim Bulakowski, Charlie Bower, Bill Dopson. In a tie for second at -14 was the team of Artie Stoecker, Gene Bellando and Bob Klopp and the team of Steve Woolcott, Tom Dyot and Adrin Colville. In fourth at -13 were Peil Pennington, Paul Murray, David Garrett. In fifth at -12 were Rich Murphy, Coach Winsett and Ray Hickey. Individual net winners: A flight, Jim Bulakowski, 65; B flight, Paul Murray, 70; C flight, Adrin Colville, 67.  

Crow Creek women
Crow Creek ladies’ league results Jan. 31. Game was fewest putts. First: Bev Ibbott (29), Linda Gregory (29). Second: Marlene Schatz (31), Sue Ward (31), Ingrid Fallon (31), Clara Atchley (31). Third: Sharon Hall (32). Birdies: Bev Ibbott at 11, Dorine Stoecker at 8.

DFC group
Stable Results Feb. 3 at Eagles Nest: First: Chaz Rowe, Rick Ellwanger, Duane Durbin, Don Thompson (+14). Second: Adam Peters, Pat Finnegan, Nick Caldararo, Tom Lynn (+10). Third: Al Thompson, Bob Wiltbank, Bill Favro, Ed Hobgood (+8. Fourth: Jake Mathieu, Bill Southard, Howie Murphy A. Art (+4). Fifth: Bubba Prigge, Joe Nance, Dick Carter, Al Lowrie (+2.5). Sixth: Dick Turner, Paul Hourigan, Jim Milstead, Larry Zub (-5). Super flight: Tom Lynn, Rick Ellwanger (+7.5).

Stableford Results Jan. 31 at Farmstead. Front nine, first: Keath Heyn, Steve Lawson, Bill Favro, Dick Klesius(+10 ½). Second: Joe Nance, Ed Hobgood, Bruce Betner, Pat Weese (+8½). Back nine, first: Adam Peters, Dick Puskar, Geoff Browne, Glen Haffield (+6). Second: Keath Heyn, Steve Lawson, Bill Favro, Dick Klesius, Jake Mathieu, Jim Poole, Jack Monahan, Richard Smith (+4½). Overall, first: Keath Heyn, Steve Lawson, Bill Favro, Dick Klesius (+15). Second: Adam Peters, Dick Puskar, Geoff Browne, Glen Haffield (+12). Third: Joe Nance, Ed Hobgood, Bruce Betner, Pat Weese (+11½).  Flights, A:  Adam Peters, Joe Nance (+7½); B, Jim Poole (+7); C, Bruce Betner (+7½); D Dick Klesius (+11). Super flight: Dick Klesius (+11).
Shoots his age: Jake Mathieu, 76, shot his age from the gold tees.

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event on Jan. 30 at the Pinehills Course at Myrtlewood Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap and 119 golfers participated in six flights, A and B from the White tees and C through F from the gold tees. A flight: Keith Pluto (77 gross), Tim Miller (70 net). B flight: Joe Burmer (84 gross), Brian Kasprzyk (71 net). C flight: Tom Franchine (80 gross), Bob Pecott (69 net), D flight: Don Woodgeard (89 gross), Larry Etzkorn (69 net). E flight: Charles Radcliff (93 gross), Ed Wydro (70 net). F flight: Ed West (93 gross), Dave Pitman (67 net). Closest to pin: White tee: No. 4, Bob Falk, 8 feet 2 inches; No. 6, Karl Pettersen, 7-9; No. 11, Bob Volz, 27-5; No. 17, Wayne Johnson, 5-10. Gold tee: No. 4, Charles Radcliff, 5-2; No. 6, Roy Teasley, 6-7; No. 11, Dwight Christenbury, 12-3; No. 17, Bob Pecott, 6-9.

Meadowlands Missfits
The Meadowlands Missfits Golf League played T’s and F’s Jan. 30. 1. Marge Roach, 63; 2. Peggy Acree, 69; 3. Denni Maynard, 70; 4. Bev Ibbott, 72; T-5. Eileen Reddy and Kaz Ratcliffe, 73; 7. Nancy Puskar, 74; T-8. Joan Zimmerman and Ginny Bradley, 75. Birdies: Eileen Reddy at 4, Peggy Acree at 5 and Bev Ibbott at 17. Chip-ins: Eileen Reddy and Phyllis Welch at 14, Kaz Ratcliff and Bev Ibbott at 17.
Eagle: Eileen Reddy scored an eagle on No. 14 using her driver, 3-wood and sand wedge.

Ocean Ridge men
Results Jan. 30 at Lion’s Paw. A flight is gross score, other flights are net score.  A flight: Ed McCloskey, gross 81. B light: Bill Johnston, net 74. C flight: Bob Plebanek, net 73; Tom Waldron, net 76.  
Results Feb. 1 at Panther’s Run (3-2-1): 1. Guy Giancarlo, Dick Orndoff, Dick Duffy, Vince Barbera (-15); 2. Dennis Miller, Ron Sorice, Rick Wheaton, Carl Schuster (-13); 3. Nelson Johnson, John Olio, Eric Dunham, Ted Pounds (-11); 4. Phil Harrington, Dave Powers, Andy Carden, Fred Bank (-10);  5. Don Bridwell, Ron Hiserodt, Lou Stamboni, John Puth (-9).
Eagle: On Feb. 3, Howard Ray eagled the 273-yard, par-4 fifth hole of Tiger’s Eye, sinking a pitching wedge shot from about 70 yards.

Ocean Ridge women
Results Jan. 30 at Lion’s Paw (net pars or better). First at 51: Karen McCloskey, Carole Schuster, Kathy Bassett, Beverly Furman. Second at 47: Cathy Story, Mickie Underhill, Lori Bonnington, Beverly Furman (the draw). Gross: Cathy Story, Karen McCloskey, 92. Net: Kathy Bassett. Birdie: Joanie Marsh at 3. Chip-in: Carole Schuster at 14.
Results Feb. 1 at Lion’s Paw. A flight, gross: Karen McCloskey, 81. Net: Cathy Story, 74. B flight, gross: Mickie Underhill, 99. Net: Pam Bank 72. C flight, gross: Peggy Rowland, 106. Net: Kathy Bassett, 72. D flight, gross: Marie Pugh, 107. Net: Carol Dunham, 72. Birdies: Karen McCloskey at 10, Colleen Plebanek at 17. Chip-ins: Patsy Mays at 4, Sally Duffy at 18, Kathy Bassett at 10, Beverly Furman at 9 and 10, Peggy Jones at7.

Results Feb. 2 at Farmstead (three low nets per team). Rocco Gangemi, Wil Garvin, Nick Samela and Don Clark, 196; Bill Favro, Bill Kasper, Rich Reinecke, John Calabrese, 199; Mike Devereux, Ernie Weeks, Mike Rivera and Roy Teasley, 205 (mc); Jake Mathieu, Ray O’Donnell, Steve Jones and Bob  Butkevicius, 205; Bill Russell, Bob Lange, Joe Pagliaro and Ray Girard, 206. Closest to pin: Roy Teasley at 3, Rocco Gangemi at 6, Don Clark at 12, Jake Mathieu at 15, Nick Samela at 17. Gross: Rocco Gangemi and Bill Favro, 79.

The Renegades odds and evens Feb 2 at Carolina Shores: Arlene Leskowicz (35), Debbie Creamer (38), Debbie Courtemanche (39 mc), Patricia Soule (39). Gross: Arlene Leskowicz (94), Karen Hertling (97), Debbie Courtemanche (99). Net: Arlene Leskowicz (66), Debbie Creamer (68 mc), Sue Greiner (68). Chip-ins: Debbie O’Dell at 5, Kathleen Hahl at No. 16. Birdies: Debbie Courtemanche at 3. Putts: Carol Groner (29).

Sandpiper Bay
Results of four-man scramble Jan. 30. Bay to Sand: First at -6: Bob Nicoletti, Joe Cramer, Ed McTighe and Mike Casagranda. Second at -5: J.J. Whalen, Wayne Purdy, Mike Donovan and Charles Richardson; Hal Foley, Vince Niland, Mike O’Brian and Ron Donley. Tied at -4 were Al Hooker, Mike Matlock, Louie Valenzuela and Frank Gajderwicz; Ron Robichaud, Wayne Purdy, Bob Arace and Lee Parker. Sand to Piper: First at -8: Gary Swanson, Don Capretta, Doug Williams and John Wilkes. Second at -3: Gene McDonald, Tim Salius, P.J. Jones and John Grossglass. Third at -2: Bill Snyder, Jim Creighton, Barney Evangelista and Jack Dobson.
Results Feb. 1 (1-2-3-4). Sand to Piper: First at -22 were Dan Copeland, Gordy Coulson, Dick Eby and Harvey Stratton. Second at -15: Frank DeStefon, Greg Scalzi, Ed McTighe and Mike Donovan; Ed Kilgoar, Mike Phipps, Mike O’Brian and Bill Spellicy. Third at -6 were J.J. Whalen, Jim Creighton, Mike Matlock and John Grossglass. Fourth at -3: Hal Foley, Tony Hanna, Bob Morley and Bill Spellicy. Piper to Bay. First at -13: Denny Sams, Vince Niland, Chas Richardson and Ron Donley. Second at -11: Bill Snyder, Tony DeMarte, Tom Townsend and Lee Parker. Third at -10: Don Capretta, Wayne Purdy, Bob Arace and Doug Williams. Fourth at -8: Chris Christie, Louie Valenzuela, Bill Pohlman and Chuck Maglio. Fifth at -3: Marvin Pethtal, Jack Hinte, Jim Kearns and Burnie Flower.

Sea Trail LGA
Results Feb. 1 at the Byrd Course. Flight 1, gross: Joan Mason 78, Pat DeMattia 81, Sharon Winter 87. Net: Mary Alice Jerome 66, Lynn Costner 70, Pam Fisher 71 (mc). Flight 2, gross: Mary Lou Dunbar 94, Louisa Clatterbuck 95, Ruth Apalinski 100. Net: JoAnn Barton 72, Marge Layden 73, Lynn Wiedman 76. Flight 3, gross: Loretta DeVita 95, Nancy Santisi 103, Linda Hogan 105 (mc). Net: Pat Lupi 68, Diane Scheck 74, Jenni Barrett 75. Flight 4, gross: Susan Hartsburg 101, Carrie Wiles 110, Joyce Hellmann 113. Net: Maureen Foley 69, Mary Fox 77, Cheryl Campbell 80.
Birdies: Pat DeMattia at 18. Joan Mason at 3, 6, 10, 12, 18. Pat Lupi at 12, 16. Sharon Winter at 18. Jo Larson at 6. Marge Layden at 6. Loretta DeVita at 3. Susan Hartsburg at 18. Chip-ins: Pat DeMattia at 10, Joan Mason at 6, Pat Lupi at 9, Hazel Forlidas at 7, Karen Rastocky at 8, Nancy Hanania at 12, Linda Hogan at 12. Closest to pin: at 2, Pat Lupi, 3 feet, 11 inches; at 7, Marge Layden, 5-11.5; at 12, Joan Mason, 7-5; at 16, Pat Lupi, 6-1.

Sea Trail MGA
The Sea Trail MGA played a four-man, 1-2-3 waltz tournament Jan. 21 on the Maples Course. A flight: 1. Bob Campbell, Mike Campbell, Bob Craig, John Markatos, 126; 2. Gary Fagan, Charlie Hanlon, Mike Jerome, Lee Sutton, 126; 3. Brian Blaine, Jack Dambaugh, Lou DeVita, Charles Diehl. 131; 4. John Barton, Dick Coach, Frank McLearen,  a draw, 132; B flight: 1. Gene Method, Tom Robbins, Jerry Tanner, Dick Zinser, 117; 2. Ches Burton, Paul Laputka, Howard Van Dusen, a draw, 121; 3. Bill Conner, Brad Dague, Frank Martorelli, Dave Salisch, 125.

One gross, two net best-ball event on Jan. 29, front: 1. Bill Malloy, Dallas Peoples, Royal Philpott, Lewis Sheets, -4. Back: T-1. Richard Bush, Joe Millard, Wayne Norman, Jimmy Trotter; Gene Carter, John Sloper, Ed Tuttle, Jack Weyeneth, even. Overall: 1. Bill Malloy, Dallas Peoples, Royal Philpott, Lewis Sheats, -3. Lowest scores, gross: Wayne Norman 73, John Sloper 75.
One gross, two net best-ball event on Jan. 31, front: 1. Brownie Cordell, Larry Gray, Bob Jones, Jim Stadick, -4. Back: 1. Brownie Cordell (draw), Bill Creekmore, Paul Smotas, Ed Tuttle, -10. Overall: 1. Brownie Cordell (draw), Bill Creekmore, Paul Smotas, Ed Tuttle, -13. Lowest scores, gross: Wayne Norman 72, Ed Tuttle 77, Jimmy Johnson 78, Paul Smotas 78, Royal Philpott 79.
Two net best-ball event on Feb. 2, front: T-1. Gene Carter, Bill Creekmore, Ralph Eckley; Jon Gorney, Reece Hoben, Randy Weller, -4. Back: T-1. Brownie Cordell, Rick Goudy, Ed Tuttle; Jon Gorney, Reece Hoben, Randy Weller, -6. Overall: 1. Jon Gorney, Reece Hoben, Randy Weller, -10. Lowest scores, gross: Ed Tuttle 78, Ralph Eckley 79, Rick Goudy 79.