Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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Brick Landing
The Brick Landing Plantation Ladies Golf Association played a best-15 league game on March 5. Tied for first in the first flight were Kathy Mularczyk and Mary Tacea with scores of 71. Sharon Brown was second at 72 and Pat Christenbury was third at 73. In the second flight, Sharon Deutsch placed first at 59, Cathy Shanley second at 61 and tied for third were Carol Fredericks and Ellen Rogoff at 70. In the third flight, Lois Huber was first at 65, Peg Campana second at 70 and Bernie Logan third at 89. Birdies: at 2 by Peg Campana and at 13 by Sharon Deutsch. Sharon Brown chipped in at 10 and Kathy Malarczyk chipped in at 1.
Brierwood WGA
The format for the April 3 tournament was best 9 of the 18. In the first flight, Nancy Kumlin had a net 24 and Sara Bayton a net 25. Mary Schaack had fewest putts, 28. Second flight had Pat Kronyak with a net of 24 and Irene Bryant with a net of 28. They had the fewest putts. In the third flight, Marrianne Nobes had net of 25 and Sandy Bloom a net 27. Sandy Bloom and Ruth Linder had fewest putts, 30. Chip-ins: Schaack at 2, Bayton at 18, Kronyak at 13, C. Fitzgerald at 16, Linder at 18. Birdies: Nancy Kumlin at 18 and Pat Kronyak at 7.
Brunswick Plantation MGA
Results April 3. A flight: Phil Meckling, -11; Gary Kershner, -9; Dave Cionek, -7; Brian Kantner, -1. B flight: Fred Banta, -9; Roger Pogoda, -5; Al Sansone, -4. C flight, Bob Gillespie, -11; Bruce Kertcher, -7; George Hoefler, -6. D flight, Rich Coffey, -4; Lou Berinoto, +1; John Walsh, +2. Lowest round: Rick Pesavento, 77.
Brunswick Plantation women
Results of league play on April 2 (plant a flag). Results on Dogwood-Azalea: Ann Smith (-7), Barbara Johnson (-3), 3. Louise Gerber (-3). Results on Azalea-Magnolia: Kathy Toeppner (-8), 2. Kathy Rosenberg (-7), 3. Mae Drezek (-6). Closet to pin: Ann Smith (Dogwood 4), Kathy Toeppner (Magnolia 4). Chip-ins: Evelyn Claus (Dogwood 8), Gloria Banta (Azalea 3 and 5). Birdies: Mae Drezek (Azalea 4), Ann Smith (Dogwood 4), Kathy Toeppner (Azalea 6 and Magnolia 4). Chip-in birdie: Mardell Ridge (Azalea 4), Geri Conroy (Azalea 4).
On April 2 at Glen Dornoch, John Ducey, Ron Doeblin, Bob Jaeger and a draw were first at 143. Teams scored a net and gross per hole. Steve Maiorca, Sid Pennington, Bob Levan and Jerry Rubin were second.
On April 4 at Heather Glen, Steve Maiorca, Jody Sersensits, Hugh Chinn and Joe Gallo were first at 160. Teams scored two nets per hole with each player assigned four designated holes for scoring. In second were Karl Pettersen, John Ducey, Bob Jaeger and a draw.
On April 2 at Diamondback Golf Course, the Calabash Veterans’ Golf Association played a two-man, one-net-per-hole tournament. A flight winners were Jerry Wiles and Roy Laster, 57. In second were Bob Smith and Tom Childs, 59. Gross: Rich Michaels, 76. Net: Jerry Wiles, 64. B flight winners were Dick Gravelin and John Mitchell, 57. In second were Bill Nemeth and Mike McCormack, 58. Gross: Bill Nemeth, 85. Net: Dick Gravelin, 60. Closest to pin: at 4, Bob Byrne; at 8, Bob Byrne; at 12, Tom Childs; at 16, Tim Sears.
Calabash Tee-Birds
The Calabash Tee-Birds played their weekly modified Stableford match April 4 at Crown Park. First: Billy McCormick, Frank Marrone, Tony Nye and Greg Charles at +16.5. Second: Pat Perryman, Ed Grampietro, Benny Bruno and Lee Harrison at +12. Third: Don Fidura, Ray Ketcham and Ted Tattersall at +9. Fourth at +1 were Bobby Poulton, Jim Edwards, Rich Murray and Pete McGerr.
Ace, eagle at Crown Park
On March 22, Dan Bruscella scored a hole-in-one on the 138-yard 18th hole at Crown Park using a 9-iron. On March 22, Ed Hobgood scored a double eagle on the 400-yard par-5 ninth hole at Crown Park. He teed of with a driver and holed his 7-iron shot.
Carolina Bogey Busters
Results April 3 at Brierwood. Flight A gross: Dick Wilson 84, Joe Burmer 86, Ed Bier 86, Bill Allen 87. Flight B gross: Ray McDowell 89, Steve White 96, Corbin Ledford 96, John Ciemniewski 97. Flight A net: Al Harms 66, Dick Wilson 69, Tom Ditzler 71. Flight B net: Ray McDowell 64, Ken Hodous 69, John Ciemniewski 70. Closest to pin: at 3, Harms; at 14, White. Fewest putts: Bill Allen 25, Ed Bier 26, Raleigh Putnam 26, Ciemniewski 26, McDowell 28, Wilson 29, Hodous 31.
Calabash Elks Golf League
Results April 4 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Ted Acton was first with a 68. In the B flight Ted Olczak was first at 60. In the C flight, Ray Richard won at 64. Closest to pin: Mike McCormack at 3, 9 feet. Bill Malloy at 7, 10-0. Bob Murphy at 12, 11-0. Bill Malloy at 17, 5-0.
Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event March 26 at Lockwood Folly Country Club and 82 golfers participated in five flights. A flight: Monte Beebe (78 gross), Tim Miller (69 net). B flight: Charles Naspinski (82 gross), Mike Davis (69 net). C flight: Bob Mackey (83 gross), Gene Johnson (67 net). D flight: Jim Tibbetts (91 gross), Neil Prota (66 net). E flight: Don Clark (94 gross), Will Hardman (68 net). Closest to pin: White tee: No. 2, Monte Beebe, 2 feet 2 inches; No. 6, Rick Thren, 23-4; No. 11, John Stokley, 19-4; No. 16, Monte Beebe, 13-5. Gold tee: No. 2, Will Hardman, 7-8; No. 6, John DeBona, 6-6; No. 11, Charlie Stansbury, 3-2; No. 16, Jeff Adams, 10-0.
Results April 2 at The Lakes Country Club in Boiling Spring Lakes, in which 37 golfers participated in three flights. A flight: Dave Eckroth (82 gross), Brian Kasprzyk (69 net), B flight: J.T. Taylor (81 gross), Larry Etzkorn (64 net), C flight: Don Clark (92 gross), Dick Zinser (59 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 6, Gary Amidon, 9 feet 11 inches; No. 14, Gary Amidon, 45-0; No. 17, Wayne Melton, 17-0. Gold tee: No. 2, John Olson, 8-9; No. 6, Dan O’Connor, 29-11; No. 14, Dan O’Connor, 15-11; No. 17, Don Clark, 8-1.
Meadowlands Missfits
The Meadowlands Missfits Golf League played at The Meadowlands Golf Course on April 2. Results: 1. Donna Phelps, Yvonne Kaldahl, Jan McCarthy, Bonnie Johnson; 2. M.J. Labant, Nancy Andrews, Nancy Griffin, Maggie Mitchell; 3. Janis Ortmeyer, Marje Roach, Peggy Acree, Pat Hamrick. Birdies: Nancy Griffin and Sally Manifold on 4, Libby Spivey on 17. Chip-ins: Libby Spivey on 17.
Stableford results March 27 at Meadowlands: Front nine, first: Adam Peters, Dan Bruscella, Gary Cohen, Dick Cecil (+6). Second: Jake Mathiew, Don Boudreau, Larry Zub, Ross Thompson (1.5). Third: Bob Currie, Lee Heroux, Dick Klesius, Howard Ratcliffe (+1). Second nine, first: Ray Wiltbank, Ed Hobgood, Mike Naudus, Pat Weese (+9.5). Second: Keith Heyn, Bob Wiltbank, Bill Southard, Glen Haffield (+7.5). Overall: First: Adam Peters, Dan Bruscella, Gary Cohen, Dick Cecil (+9). Second: Keath Heyn, Bob Wiltbank, Bill Southard, Glen Haffield (+7). Third: Jake Mathieu, Don Boudreau, Larry Zub, Ross Thompson (+4.5). Flights, A flight: Ray Wiltbank (+2.5). B flight: Don Boudreau (+8). C flight: Gary Cohen (+10). D flight: Pat Weese (+8.5). Super flight: Gary Cohen (+10).
Ocean Ridge men
Results April 2 at Lion’s Paw (two-man teams, one net per team, per hole): 1. Charlie Augone, Rich Kane -10; 2. Paul Socha, Bill Prophet -7; 3. Bernie Powers, Carl Schuster -3; 4. Roger Buck, George Willbrant -3.
Results April 4 at Panther’s Run (one net from A-D players, one net from C-D players): 1. Richie Liggera, George Cassidy, John Pugh, Rich Scaler (-29); 2. Roger Buck, Rick McCafferty, Bob Hartman, Lou Stamboni (-27); 3. Nelson Johnson, Ed Gruver, Eric Dunham, Tom Best (-25); 4. Phil Harrington, Bob Simon, Alex Brooker, Hugh Carano (-24, mc); 5. Guy Giancarlo, George James, Frank Burianek, Chuck Fitzgerald (-24). Closest to pin: at 2, Nelson Johnson; at 11, Dick Duffy. Gross: Nelson Johnson, 76. Net: John Olio, 61.
Ocean Ridge women
Results April 4 at Panther’s Run. Teams recorded two low net scores and got a two stroke deduction for each player who finished the round with the same golf ball she started with. The winning foursome with a score of -31 was the team of Pam Fitzgerald (the draw), Peggy Rowland, Juli Miller and Dorothy Bahnick. In second at -26 was the team of Sally Duffy, Carole Schuster, Ann Turner and Carol Dunham. In third at -25 was the team of Pam Fitzgerald, Linda Johnston, Grace Bradicich and Bev Furman. Gross: Patsy Mays, 91. Net: Peggy Rowland and Pam McCafferty, 66. Birdies: Juli Miller at 12 (chip-in), Pam Fitzgerald at 16, Bev Furman at 17, Becky Williams at 8 and Carole Schuster at 2. Chip-ins: Peggy Rowland at 18.
Players Golf Association
Results April 5 at Farmstead (three nets on par 4s and par 5s, four nets on par 3s: 196—Mike Devereux, Denny Wise, Don Clark, Steve Jones; 202—Ron Lavoie, Rich Michaels, Dick Pearce, Mike Rivera; 208—Bill Favro, Bill Russell, Bob Lange, Wil Garvin; 213—Bob Davis; Ray Girard, Joe Pagliano, Bob Martin. Closest to pin at 3 and 17, Denny Wise; at 6 and 12, Steve Jones; at 15 Joe Paglaro. Gross: Bill Favro, 78.
The Renegades played on April 5 at Carolina Shores. Gross: Carolyn Bosman (90), Debbie Courtemanche (91, mc), Donna Watkins (91). Net: Debbie Courtemanche (64, mc), Carolyn Bosman (64), Dee Gillin (64). Chip-ins: Donna Watkins at 5, Sally Nolan at No. 12, Bernice Morris at No. 12. Birdies: Donna Watkins at 5, Jane Jordan at 3.
 Putts: Sue Greiner, Donna Watkins (28).
Sandpiper Bay
Results April 4. Format was count one best ball on the first five holes, two on the next five, three on the following five and all four on the last three holes. Piper to Bay: Hal Foley, Marv Pethtal, Louie Valenzuela and Jack Dobson, -31; Gene McDonald, Charlie Richardson, Mike Matlock and Bob Arace, -30; Jim Creighton, Ralph Bowman, Ed McTighe and Tom Ioven, 27.
Sand to Piper: Chris Christie, Jim Kearns, Pat Dibble and a draw, -25; Bob Nicoletti, Doug Williams, Greg Scalzi and Chuck Maglio, -22; John Donnelly, Wayne Purdy, Brian Westcott and a draw, -18.
Results April 2. The format was three best net scores for the front nine, back nine and total round. Piper to Bay: Front-nine winners at -10 were Bob Knisley, Wayne Purdy, John Hannigan and Bill Spellicy. Back-nine winners at -18 and total-round winners at -27 were J.J. Whalen, Jeff Smith, Mike Matlock and Tom Ioven.
Bay to Sand: Front-nine winners at -13 were John Radziewski, Jack Hinte, Frank Alcaraz and Frank Gajderowicz. Back-nine winners at -20 and total winners at -31 were Hal Foley, Bill Snyder, Ed McTighe and Ron Donley.
Sea Trail LGA
Results April 4 at Byrd Course. Flight 1, gross: Mary Alice Jerome 81, Joan Mason 83 (mc). Net: Gayl Michael 66, Gloria Wimmer 72. Flight 2, gross: Jo Larson 86, Bobbie deLagarde 89. Net: Jeanine Berger 64, Louise Sensenig 68. Flight 3, gross: Marilyn Ferguson 95, Lynn Wiedman 99. Net: Betty Ann Potvin 69, Anne Giordano 73. Flight 4, gross: Kate Goodrich 100, Jenni Barratt 101. Net: Carol Humphries 63, Kathy Ivey 76.
Closest to pin: Diane Carcich at 7,12 and 16. Marge Layden at 2. Birdies: Joan Mason at 7 and 18. Linda Perna at 2. Gayl Michael at 6 and 12. Mary Alice Jerome at 8. Kate Goodrich at 11. Jo Larson at 3 and 12. Chip-ins: Linda Perna at 4. Gayl Michael at 6 and 12. Mary Alice Jerome at 8. Lynn Wiedman at 11.
Sea Trail men
Sea Trail men played April 4 on the Jones Course. The format was four-man teams, one low net on par 5s, two low nets on par 4s and three low nets on par 3s. A flight: 1. Gary Fagan, Charlie Hanlon, Jim Hitchcock and John Markatos, 121 (mc); 2. Mike Bennett, Dennis deLagarde, Mike Jerome and Lee Sutton, 121; 3. Bob Campbell, Bob Craig, Wayne Hellmann and Gene Scheck, 123 B flight: 1. Frank Martorelli, Bo Sellers, Howard Van Dusen and Dick Zinser, 112; 2. Vince Brown, Ches Burton, Brad Dague and Mike Pozdol, 113; 3. Bill Connor, Ralph Gardner, Dave Salisch and Dick Sellers, 116.
Winding River WGA
Results April 3 at Carolina National, flight 1, gross: Diana Wells 85. Net: Marilyn Greenfield 67, Mary Shreffler 68, Dawn Cloutier 70. Flight 2, gross, Susan Desloge 90. Net: Margo Skinner 68 and Colleen Brosh 68, Kathy Gustafson 71, Carol Rogers 72 and Judy Proffitt 72. Flight 3, gross, Mary Stankewicz 98. Net: Carol McAndrews 69, Janet Gorman and Karen Entwistle 73, Carole McNeil and Pat Steele 75. Flight 4, gross, Kathy Andrew 99. Net: Jane Erdtmann 70, Ronnie Oehme 73, Cathy Genander, Dottie Peters and Marlene Stapelfeldt 74.
Birdies: Susan Desloge, Karen Entwistle (two), Terry Miller, Dottie Reynolds, Chris Trickett, Diana Wells. Chip-ins: Nancy Salerno, Donna Agopsowicz, Susan Desloge, Karen Entwistle, Dottie Reynolds, Carol Loofe.