Sheriff's crime report

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the following incidents last week, which are taken directly from sheriff’s office incident reports:

•Breaking and entering on Wilkes Street in Supply; suspect kicked in the back door of the victim’s residence.

•Breaking and entering and larceny of a firearm on Sea Wind Court SW in Supply; suspect entered victim’s residence through a back door and stole a rifle, a PlayStation console, two PlayStation games, rings, gold chains, a watch, cash and bracelets.

•Breaking and entering, larceny and property damage on Executive Park Boulevard in Southport; suspect busted the rear door latch and window to two vans and stole a drill, drill bits, copper wire, a jackhammer and a saw.

•Larceny on South Bend in Leland; suspect walked into victim’s yard and took plants.

•Larceny on Northwest Road in Leland; suspect took and removed tires from victim’s truck.

•Larceny on Ocean Highway in Leland; suspect stole victim’s four-wheeler.

•Fraud on High Market Street in Sunset Beach; suspect opened a bank account in victim’s name.

•Larceny on Longwood Road in Ash; suspect removed a firearm from under the mattress in the victim’s bedroom.

•Breaking and entering and larceny on Seashore Road in Supply; suspect entered victim’s house and stole a portable heater, a small kitchen table, a John Deere tractor key, two antique irons, a tea pitcher, dishes, a figurine, a decorative plate, an antique lamp, six handmade quilts, an antique glass door and two feather pillows.

•Breaking and entering and larceny on Clariday Road in Calabash; suspect broke into victim’s residence and stole two flat-screen TVs.

•Breaking and entering and larceny on Enfield Street SW in Supply; suspect cut locks off victim’s shed and stole portable CD players, a cordless drill, leaf blower and a sander.

•Property damage on Pineview Drive in Bolivia; suspect wrote on victim’s support beams and threw rocks at the door.

•Property damage on Stone Chimney Road in Supply; suspect threw an object at the victim’s vehicle.

•Property damage on Seashore Road in Supply; suspect knocked victim’s mailbox of its stand.

•Property damage on King Fisher Lane in Sunset Beach; suspect broke the victim’s car window.

•Larceny on Freedom’s Star Drive in Longwood; suspect removed medication from victim’s residence.

Items recovered by sheriff’s deputies include two shotguns, a bottle of Burnett’s vodka, seven grams of marijuana, a North Carolina registration plate and a small bag of marijuana.