Supports Gilbert

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

As a parent of children in the Brunswick County school system and as a graduate of the same, I hope voters of Brunswick County will take a good look at the choices we have for the District 1 school board race.

Ray Gilbert has been the candidate that has consistently done things to keep the public informed, has been strong in the face of adversity and has the students’ best interests in mind.

Gilbert is the only board member who has consistently met with the public through his community forums, brought to the forefront the tough issues and questions, and has been visible in nonpolitical events.

He has been a good voice for parents and employees of the school system and does not mind thinking out of the box for solutions to problems our young people and employees face.

Gilbert is a solid conservative voice for our schools. He does a good job at raising questions and fact finding on the board. In addition, he has pushed for more open meetings and for bringing attention to problem areas.

We need to stop electing people who will go along with anything for self gain and control.

Gilbert has faced several difficult circumstances some of which were self-initiated and others from political opposition. Even with this, Gilbert has handled himself well and maintained focus.

We may not always agree with what he says, but at least we know where he stands. We need individuals on the board that can handle the pressure and do what needs to be done for the best interest of parents and students.

Gilbert is one of those individuals.

Joel Fanti