We’ve got the ‘Beat,’ we’ve got the ‘Beat…’ yeah, we’ve got it

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By Stacey Manning, Managing Editor

Excuse me, but c’mon, it’s not every day an editor gets to pay homage to an old ’80s song, and when I get the chance, I’d rather not pass it up.

And seriously, we do have the ‘Beat.’ 

Brunswick Beat, that is.

Last month, we launched a weekly television news show called Brunswick Beat. The 15-minute newscast airs at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and repeats twice in that half-hour on ATMC-TV cable channel 3.

We put a lot of work into the show before it ever made it on air. From naming it and picking a content format, to planning out each segment down to the minute, we wanted to make sure when it went on air, we were offering viewers the same quality news coverage people expect from The Brunswick Beacon’s newspaper.

Plus, we were fortunate to be able to join with talented people like Jennifer Beasley and Kat Newton at ATMC-TV to make sure we’re meeting television watchers’ needs. In a survey of ATMC customers, the community said it wanted a local news show, so we were excited to create it.

We’re proud to say we’re the only news show dedicated completely to bringing viewers all news about Brunswick County.

As readers already know, there is way more in each weekly edition of the Beacon than what we can put into a 15-minute news show. Does that mean someday we may extend the newscast? At this point, we’re not sure.

What we do know is it’s going to be difficult to gauge the program’s success. Because ATMC-TV is in such a small market, we don’t have access to viewer ratings such as Nielsen. We can track views on the Internet, but we believe most of our consumers are tuning into ATMC-TV cable channel 3 to watch.

We’ve had some good feedback so far. From people writing to compliment us for the quality programming to people asking to be featured on the show, we know we are reaching some.

But we need to know more.

The best way for us to gauge how we’re doing is for you to tell us. So that’s what I need from you.

Can you send me an email or give me a call and let me know if you’re watching Brunswick Beat regularly? If you are, are you watching it on ATMC or online at www.brunswickbeacon.com or at www.youtube.com/brunswickbeacon? Do you like the show? Are there things we can do better? Are there segments we’re not including you think we should?

If you’re not watching the show, I’d love to hear why you haven’t chosen to tune in.

We’re open to suggestions about what we can do better and if there’s something we’re not doing right, we want to know that, too.

So can you help us out? Email me at editor@brunswickbeacon.com and let me know what you think or give me a call at 754-6890 ext. 228. If I’m away from my desk, please leave a message.

Our readers are important to us and we need to hear from you to keep meeting your expectations for quality news both here in print and online and television.