What are you so afraid of?

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To the editor:

In response to Leonard Jenkins’ letter last week, I would counter and say it is about time North Carolina cleans up its voting process. So, good job to the Republicans in the General Assembly. 

I think running clean elections will set the foundation for turning things around in this state. Mr. Jenkins talks about jobs, jobs, jobs. Government cannot create jobs but it can create an environment for which businesses are attracted to our state and an overall business-friendly environment. 

Businesses like certainty. With the potential for dirty elections, there is no certainty. North Carolina is near the top of the curve when it comes to corrupt politicians. Perhaps requiring voters to have sufficient ID will go a long way to cleaning up this continual mess. Voter ID is not a new concept and with more and more illegals in our state, it only makes sense that our legislators get on with the passage of this important bill that a majority of North Carolinians are in favor of. 

Why is Mr. Jenkins so afraid of this legislation? 

Joe Quaglia

Ocean Isle Beach