Where are the educators on school board?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

I am sure everyone living in Brunswick County realizes we have problems in our school system. I

believe the majority of these problems can be laid to the poor leadership of our school board and of our


Parents, you may not be aware of this, but not one member of our school board is a

professional educator. Is it any wonder little academic progress was made during the school year

ending in 2007 and we had more than 400 students drop out? What does this say for our school board’s


The board chair and superintendent cancelled the October meeting because there was no school

business to discuss. Could this be a political decision to avoid any negative issues?

We have some excellent candidates running for seats on the school board.

Christy Judah is a professional educator and a candidate for District 2. Christy has more than 35 years

experience in education and retired after 30 years in the North Carolina school system as a teacher, counselor and


She has a master’s degree in education and is experienced in counseling and community

service. She advocates an increase in vocational course offerings, summer school, and extended day

programs to encourage dropouts to return to classes. She is the author of “Brunswick County Schools

Original Crisis Plan” and “Brunswick County Original Counseling Plan.”

John Jones is a professional educator and a candidate for District 1. He has a master’s degree in

education and more than 36 years experience in education as a teacher, principal and superintendent.

His goals are for safe, orderly and drug-free schools. John

advocates a quality education for all students and would encourage parental involvement. He would like to

see a return of a comprehensive cultural arts program.

Tom Simmons is a professional educator and a candidate for District 4. He has a master’s degree in

education and 32 years experience as a teacher and principal. His goal is to raise student test scores and

close the education gap between minority and white students.

Tom would work at improving employee

morale, promoting a strong and positive working relationship between schools, parents and school

volunteers, reduce incidents of drugs and violence, and reduce the

high school dropout rate.

Our school board needs a shake-up. We have excellent teachers and principals, and they could

be better with good leadership.

We have seen school employees

having inappropriate relationships with children. One of our board members, a married professed minister,

carried on a relationship with a school secretary. One wanted to ban a series of popular children’s books

from the school libraries. We need professional educators on our board

whose aim is educating our students, not carrying out personal or political agendas.

We need

educators who understand the Brunswick County school system, who know what our test scores mean and

where the gaps are that need addressing.

This election is not about politics; it is about children. Cast your vote for Judah, Jones and Simmons. They will make a


P.U. Cowan