• At life's airport arrivals and departures are at the same gate

      Maybe it’s the season of nearly summer with spring still bearing signs of winter’s chill that is affecting me. Maybe it’s the lingering last days of my college pal suffering with cancer’s invasion on multiple fronts. Maybe it’s the slowly leaking drip of departures opening tears and tears in my circle of friends. I am not sure of the cause, but I am feeling the pain of the effect. There is a heart heaviness I cannot shake.

  • What has happened to the neighborhood glue which holds society together?
  • There's a profound difference between rules and standards

      I love movies based on true stories. Whether the film replays the events and situations with stunning accuracy or employs a degree of dramatic embellishment makes little difference to me. Whether the source is a book I can read for comparison or facts gleaned from the ‘hero of the piece’ does not concern me. I simply find the moviescompelling.

  • Words have unimaginable power


    Folks my age, perhaps slightly older or younger, will surely remember the adage we chanted when things went awry. Parents suggested it to their children so that they’d learn how to put things into perspective. The adage went like this: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

    I used it many times, as a mantra, when I was mercilessly teased about being overweight or enviously taunted about my studiousness. It was a lot like whistling a happy tune so no one would suspect I was afraid.

  • Open my life, Lord



    Those of you who are my age … or a tad older or younger … may remember a silly ditty we chanted as children. It was a round that went like this: “What’s life? A magazine. How much does it cost? Ten cents. I’ve only got five. That’s life? What’s life?” On and on it went and we giggled at the nonsense without ever being conscious of the message.

  • Mercy … mercy … Lord, have mercy


    I had the privilege to attend a series based on an understanding of mercy. It was a grand, multifaceted, multi-dimensional, even multi-theological experience of the power and place of mercy in our lives as the people of God. It was a continuing immersion into an appreciation of what it means to say “mercy is the fabric of our lives as Christians and is the essence of the Gospel message.”

  • Receive children receive me

     I have frequently been amused by the translation in which Jesus is presented as saying, “Suffer the little children to come to me.” Suffer, indeed! Sometimes, it is all we can do. It is with anguished patience that we allow little children to come to us. Their antics, while initially funny and frolicsome can quickly become annoying and intrusive. Their foot stomping, loudly shouted “NO, I DON’T WANT TO!” or “NO I WON’T” is upsetting, irksome and smacks of needed discipline.

  • Sometimes being normal is not enough

     Thanks to the generosity of the powers that be at ATMC, I enjoyed a “price-less” viewing of “The Imitation Game” and “Philomena” — two movies I had missed seeing along the way. Both reinforced my questioning regarding the phenomenon of “being normal.” I have always wondered what those words meant.

  • Both problems and burning bushes can be found everywhere


  • God's house has many rooms