Today's Features

  • Pint-size entrepreneurs are once again converging to show and sell their innovative inventions and products.

    The second annual Building Brunsco Kids Expo takes place 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Office Depot in Shallotte.

    The event was originally scheduled to take place under the Holden Beach bridge, but weather concerns forced event coordinators to move the expo to Office Depot in Shallotte.

  • A half-century ago this date (Aug. 15), hundreds of thousands of young festival-goers along with a lineup of noteworthy performers converged on a farm in Bethel, N.Y., to launch three days of peace, music and history.

    Tina Smith was a youngster growing up in the rural Brunswick County community of Ash, hardly aware of the massive event 700 miles to the north.

  • “It doesn’t matter what you say you believe — it only matters what you do.” 

                                                             ― Robert Fulghum

  • They were fledgling authors who are getting more seasoned.

    Local orthopedic surgeon Thomas Kelso unveils his second book, “Hyperion’s Fracture,” with an appearance at 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 8, at the Southwest Brunswick Branch Library at 9400 Ocean Hwy. in Carolina Shores.

  • The Brunswick Sheriff’s Charitable Foundation will have its annual fundraising fish fry 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22, in front of the emergency services building at the Bolivia Government Complex on Old Ocean Highway.

    This fund supports Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office employees who experience hardship.

    Meals will consist of flounder, potato salad, coleslaw and bread for $8 per person. Takeout is available as is delivery to certain areas for large orders.

  • By Linda Arnold

    Now hear this: You and you alone are responsible for the way you feel. Even with everything going on in our world. Random acts of violence, and the uncertainty they create, can knock you off your block. So what can you do?

    Physics lessons

    You may not think you’re applying physics in your daily life. You absolutely are, though. I took Physics 125 in college, although it was a photography course. And that’s the mirror image I want to demonstrate.

  • Two mystery plants at once! These two species will serve nicely for a consideration of what we call a “genus.”

    The modern concept of the genus as a taxonomic category began coming into play amongst botanists in the late 17th century. Briefly, a genus was recognized (and still is) as a convenient way to group closely related species. The dictionary definition of this word suggests “group” or “kind,” generally involving the notion of close relationships among its constituent members.

  • Dear Dr. Ward: I’ve been enjoying your series on skin diseases in pets. I’ve got a problem I hope you can help me with. My Roscoe has developed really oily, almost greasy skin the past few months. I bathe him regularly, but it keeps coming back. He doesn’t seem to scratch much, but he’s leaving little fatty spots wherever he lies, especially on our couch. My husband is beginning to complain that Roscoe has a “weird smell.” What do you think it is and what can I do to help him?  

  • Last week’s column on butter beans has inspired many more questions, ideas and information.

  • The Historic Amuzu Theatre at 111 N. Howe St. in Southport unveils its annual ‘50s & ‘60s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Oldies but Goodies” musical variety revue showcasing top hits from two decades of great music.

    Performance dates for this 10th annual musical tradition celebrating America’s best music are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 9-11, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 22-25.

    Sunday shows are at 3 p.m.; all other shows are at 7:30 p.m.