Today's Features

  • By Linda Arnold

    Happy Father’s Day!

    This may seem like an innocent greeting today, although it can trigger all kinds of feelings.

    A family affair

    If you happen to fall into the idyllic Norman Rockwell definition of a healthy family, this is likely a pleasant day for you. Be sure to celebrate these special connections.

    If, on the other hand, you’re struggling with family issues, you’re not alone.

  • I admit I don’t know much about ice hockey and I didn’t watch the recent National Hockey League finals, but I did get interested in it when I saw a news release and YouTube video about it from North Carolina State University Extension.

    Dr. Ben Chapman is originally from Canada, a great hockey fan and coach. He is also is our state Extension specialist in food safety. Chapman says he’s been waiting many years for his two areas of interest — food safety and hockey — to collide. And finally it did with the Stanley Cup.

  • Brunswick County Health Services “Splash into Summer” scheduled this Saturday, June 15, at the county government complex in Bolivia has been cancelled due to inclement weather. It will be rescheduled sometime in the fall, with a date to be determined.

    For more information call 253-2250.

  •  By John Nelson

    “And this our life exempt from public haunt

    Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,

    Sermons in stones and good in every thing.”

    Shakespeare, “As You Like It”

    This is the vine that the Girl Scouts tell us to recognize by its compound trifoliolate leaves (that is, with three leaflets) and that we are obliged to leave alone because it is poisonous.

  • By Linda Arnold

    The kickoff to summer has arrived! And you’re likely taking in a little more nature. Green space. Walking in the woods. Flora and fauna. We all know how these things can restore our souls. Now scientists have given a name to the restorative health effects of being around blue space — water.

    Water, water everywhere

  • Each spring, veterinarians begin receiving calls from frantic pet owners describing “worms,” “spaghetti” and “slugs” in their pet’s feces. Gross. I thought I’d give you an overview of some of the common internal parasites that can infect your dog. Let’s tackle the Big 5: roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms and heartworms.

    Are there different sorts of internal parasites or worms?

  • By John Nelson

    “Nemo me impune lacessit.” [In English: “Nobody messes with me and gets away with it.”] – Motto of the Scottish Order of the Thistle.

    Scottish history? Tradition has it that a long time ago an invading band of Norwegians took off their shoes to quietly sneak up on a band of brave, defending Scots. The Norwegians ran into a big patch of bristly thistles and of course “ouch-ouch-ouch” and the invasion plans were off.

  • By Linda Arnold

    You may not think you complain very much, especially out loud. But what about that constant chatter in your head?

    About 70 percent of the information we take in from the outer world is negative. And then there’s that inner critic. It can take a lot of energy to get ourselves back to neutral, much less get into the positive zone.

  • As usual, Hubby Dear had an idea for a column. He was reading a section from the book he’d received for his birthday when he declared it would be a great column for this graduation season. Also, as usual, I read the passage but was inspired to go a different route.