Today's News

  • POSTPONED TILL APRIL: Brunswick Stew & Que cancelled for this Saturday

    The third annual Brunswick Stew & Que slated for this Saturday has been postponed until April 16 due to concerns about the weather.

    The competitive Brunswick stew cook-off, sponsored by the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce, was scheduled for this Saturday at Planet Fun in Shallotte. It has been cancelled, it was announced Thursday, because the weather forecast is calling for rain and inclement weather.

  • Beacon publisher demands chair return document to DSS department

    For more than a week, DSS chairman and county commissioner Charles Warren had been in possession of a public document, which belongs to the Department of Social Services.

    On Wednesday, Jan. 26, Warren removed three audio recordings of DSS meetings from interim DSS director Neil Walter’s possession. Warren then returned two audio recordings—the November and December meeting recordings—but still had the January audio recording, claiming he is the custodian of the document, in this case the audio recording, because he is chairman.

  • Brunswick County’s first search and rescue dog retires

    At the age of 12, one springer spaniel’s career of locating lost and missing people has come to an end.

    On Saturday, Jan. 22, Brunswick County’s first search and rescue dog, Sir Bailey of Judah, retired after more than 11 years on the job.

    Bailey, as he is commonly called, was born on May 11, 1998, and began obedience and search and rescue training the same year. In 1999 he became Brunswick County’s first certified search and rescue dog and a founding member of Brunswick Search & Rescue (BSAR).

  • Celebrate marriage

    Marriage isn’t always a walk in the park. Just ask anyone who is married.

    An area event plans to celebrate the bonds of marriage—Hearts and Souls 2011 Coastal Carolina Christian Marriage Conference.

    “It is a tune-up for marriages. It offers a chance to celebrate the value of marriage and gives couples a forum to do that,” said the Rev. Brad Ferguson, pastor of New Beginnings Community Church.

  • Seniors celebrate grand re-opening of senior center

    Recently the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Senior Site in Supply opened as a site for Shallotte seniors, but the transition was controversial. The site closed for several weeks until another group decided the facility met their needs perfectly.

    Seniors from the Sunset Harbor Senior Center decided the Supply location is the perfect place to call home.

  • The ice is thawing… Busy 2011 predicted

    Allen Serkin, town planner shared good news to with the Shallotte Board of Aldermen during their February meeting Tuesday.

  • Community helps plan Waccamaw Blue Trail

    A blue trail along the Waccamaw River is an idea in its beginning stages, and residents of Brunswick and Columbus counties are invited to help make the plans.

    “The idea has been formulating over the last couple of years,” Melinda Johnson, marketing and community events coordinator for Brunswick County Parks and Recreation, said at a meeting Jan. 27 at the Waccamaw Community building in Ash.

    “We need your feedback, concerns, ideas and questions.”

  • More eyes and ears stop crime

    The more eyes and ears on the lookout for crime, the safer the streets of your neighborhood.

    Each month an organization of concerned citizens from all over the county meets in Shallotte to discuss what is happening in their neighborhoods with officers from the crime prevention team of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. The group, called Brunswick County Community Watch, has been in existence since the late 1970s.

    On Monday, board members met two newly assigned deputies: First Sgt. Thomas Tolley and Sgt. Bert Reaves.

  • Sand Dollar Games

    Over the last few weekends, I finally spent time doing exactly what I missed for the last three years—combing the beach for treasures.

    Having two weekends in a row with absolutely nothing planned was the most exciting thing that could have happened to this girl. Ever since September, my life has been on the constant go.

    My neighbor has been showing me for the last three months all of the beautiful sand dollars she finds on Sunset Beach. I just didn’t think it was possible to actually find that many whole sand dollars.

  • Shallotte Crime Report

    The Shallotte Police Department investigated the following incidents and made the following arrests last week. All information is taken directly from police incident and arrest reports.

    •Shamarie Demaric James, 24, of 4912-1 Dream Weaver Court, Southport, was arrested on one count of felony credit card fraud, four counts of misdemeanor credit card fraud and one count of larceny of financial credit card. He was taken to the Brunswick County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.