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  • Calabash VFW blood drive Jan. 6

    The New Year brings a continuing need for donated blood, and Calabash VFW Post 7288 is hosting an American Red Cross blood drive on Thursday, Jan. 6, from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. to try to satisfy that need.

    The Post is located at 900 Carter Drive, and donors who wish to make an appointment to donate or have other questions may call (910) 579-3577.

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosures- Things you may not know about foreclosures

    If you are facing foreclosure, here are a few steps from best-case scenario to worst to save your home:

    1)    Request a loan modification

    2)    Make a whole sale

    3)    Utilize a short sale

    4)    Deed in lieu of foreclosure

    5)    Foreclosure


    Inside information most people don’t know:

    •The 800 number on a past due bill takes the caller to a lender’s collection department

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosure - The job: No one wants to be the bearer of bad news

    Snakes, poison ivy, tears, cursing, barking dogs, people hiding: It’s all in a day’s work for the bearer of bad news.

    “I have had everything happen from being cussed, yelled and screamed at to people thanking me and others who want to talk,” said Brunswick County Deputy Chris Powell. “You never know what kind of reaction you are going to get.”

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosure - The future of real estate

    Predicting the future of the real estate industry is a challenge. No one knows when the industry will recover. One thing agreed upon is it will never be the same.

    “The landscape of real estate has changed,” said Realtor Martha Lee. “It took us a long time to get here and it’s going to take a long time to get out. Things need to change for the good of all.”

    2010 was the year of foreclosures in Brunswick County, breaking previous records in the number filed. 2011 is forecast to be much of the same.

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosure - Tips for saving your home from foreclosure

    It was your dream…now it’s your nightmare.

    When you find yourself in the position of losing your home, where do you turn? Who can you trust to give you solid advice?

    The Brunswick County Clerk of Superior Court’s office isn’t permitted to give advice; it can only explain the process. Most people are in a financial crisis and can’t afford to spend money to seek advice, so where do you turn?

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosure - The future may not be bright

    It appears the number of foreclosures in Brunswick County tapered off in the last few months of 2010.

    One hundred eighty four foreclosures in October set the record high for 2010 with numbers dropping to 113 in November, and December closing out with less than 100.

    However, the numbers are misleading and could mean more bad news is in store.

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosure - Robo-signing scandal

    In the fourth quarter of 2010, several major mortgage lenders voluntarily suspended foreclosures in North Carolina after an investigation showed their affidavit procedures were not in compliance with state law.

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosure - What happens in a foreclosure?

    With each foreclosure the paperwork mounts and one county office feels the impact more than any other—Brunswick County’s clerk of Superior Court

    “It is a big issue for the county,” said Jim MacCallum, clerk of Superior Court. “For the last three years, foreclosures have comprised more than 90 percent of our special proceeding actions. Next in numbers are name changes, adoptions and incompetencies.”

  • Stories that shaped 2010: Foreclosure - Number of foreclosures at a record-high

    During 2010, economists kept saying the economy was recovering. However, a look around Brunswick County doesn’t show the telltale signs of a recovering economy. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for Brunswick County was 9.8 percent in October. Foreclosures set an all-time record with 1,663 filed with the Brunswick County Clerk of Superior Court as of Dec. 20, 2010.

  • Early College senior finds love of law and puts bilingual skills to work

    Every Friday, Elmer Garcia dresses in professional business attire and heads to Hill & High LLP law firm for a day of meeting with clients, sitting in on depositions and learning what it’s like to be a lawyer.

    The Brunswick County Early College High School senior is not only gaining valuable real world experience but also fulfilling a school requirement. As part of Firebird Connections, Early College students volunteer and work at various jobs in the community three Fridays each month.