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  • Sunset Beach Police Department, April 8-11, 2019

    The Sunset Beach Police Department investigated the following incidents, taken directly from department reports.

    April 8

    Vehicle reported keyed by unknown subject at Resort Circle Apartments.

    April 9

    Breaking-and-entering to motor vehicle reported on Osprey Court; handgun stolen by unknown subject(s).

    April 11

    Breaking and entering reported at Back Street Café. Unknown subject(s) broke through front door and made entry into restaurant, taking $750 from cash register.

  • What is this mystery plant?

    We have a really flamboyant tree here in Columbia, which has been showing up for years. It can be a nasty weed, often occurring in old vacant parking lots, along railroads and broken-down littered places in tiresome, scratchy urban settings.

    The tree has a spreading crown once it attains some size and it makes dramatic purple flowers: tubular and cigar-shaped, about 2 inches long and fragrant. The trees are conspicuous when they bloom in the spring as there are no leaves at all to see.

  • What does it mean to call a week holy?

    It hardly seems possible that the 40 days of Lent have brought us to the final seven days of solemnity observed in a variety of ways as Holy Week.

    For some, this may not be marked with a drastic change of schedule. Schools are yet in session. Supermarkets and other venues still have some chocolate bunnies or marshmallow Peeps for sale. Easter bonnets no longer hold popularity but department stores continue to stock spring frocks and footwear to mark this time of year.

  • Home care for your pet after vaccination

    Each spring legions of pets visit their veterinarian for their annual vaccinations. Why spring, you ask? Because that’s when most animals are born, meaning most are vaccinated during the period of April to July.

    Perhaps no other medical advancement has saved more lives (human or animal) than vaccinations against infectious diseases (I’m looking at you — smallpox, measles, parvo and rabies).

  • Are sprouts safe to eat?

    What comes to mind when you think about sprouts?

    I’m talking about those tiny leafy green alfalfa or radish sprouts found on salads and sandwiches. Also, there are crispy mung bean sprouts that are eaten raw on salads or cooked in Asian foods.

    If you’re thinking healthy or health food — think again — at least from the food safety point of view. While sprouts do contain protein and vitamins, they may also contain something we don’t want: pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses.

  • Oak Island man arrested on animal cruelty charges

    An Oak Island man is accused of animal cruelty.

    William Ronald Gore Jr., 39, of Northeast 16th Street was arrested by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services Unit on April 1 and charged with nine counts of cruelty to animals. Warrants show the incidents happened March 30.

    According to a Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, the charges came after a search warrant of Gore’s home on April 1.

  • Ash man faces felony drug charges

    An Ash man faces multiple drug charges including felony charges.

    William Anthony Collins Jr., 21, of Little Prong Road was arrested April 3 and charged with felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of cocaine, felony possession of a controlled substance on a prison/at a jail premises and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Warrants show Collins had more than 1.5 ounces of marijuana and had an unspecified amount of cocaine in a plastic bag at the Brunswick County Detention Facility on April 3.

    Collins remains jailed on $16,000 bail.

  • New Holden Beach police chief reflects on career thus far

    HOLDEN BEACH — Seeing his grandfather in his own police uniform first gave young Jeremy Dixon the idea of just where his future was headed. Coy Dixon served as a deputy sheriff in Pamlico County, just outside New Bern where Jeremy Dixon grew up.

    “I just liked seeing him in the uniform. I just thought it was cool,” Dixon said. “I knew I did not want a desk job…I just wanted to be outside. I wanted to do something to work and serve the public.

    “I didn’t want to just work in a bank or something like that.”

  • Boiling Spring Lakes man faces drug charges

    A Boiling Spring Lakes man faces multiple drug charges.

    Timmy Ray Soles, 52, of Crab Apple Road was arrested April 4 and charged with felony possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver methamphetamine, felony maintain a vehicle/dwelling/residence for a controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor simple possession of a schedule II controlled substance and misdemeanor simple possession of a schedule III controlled substance.

  • Ash man accused of refusing to cooperate with officer

    An Ash man is accused of not cooperating with an officer doing an investigation.

    Thomas Earl Leonard, 46, of Longwood Road NW was arrested April 3 and charged with misdemeanor resisting a public officer.

    Warrants show Leonard refused to get out of his vehicle after a deputy asked him to multiple times while the deputy was investigating someone beating on the door of a home.

    Leonard remains in the Brunswick County Detention Facility on $10,000 bail.