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  • Band of the Week: Fans follow yellow brick road to Band of Oz in Shallotte

    The Band of Oz, headlining the next Shallotte Summerfest concert at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 8, has been entertaining crowds for more than half a century.

    The land of the band dates back to the mid-1960s in the Pitt County town of Grifton, where a fledgling musical group of school chums calling themselves The Avengers was born.

    The group was described as a guitar-and-keyboard group playing local school sock hops, private parties “and an occasional club whenever the owner would risk having them.”

  • What is this mystery plant?

    A cucumber from a garden of bad dreams? Not at all, but it is a marvelous member of the melon family (or “Cucurbitaceae”). It’s edible, it’s reputed to have a number of medicinal properties, and it’s easy to grow in your garden where it will make quite a display.

  • Where are your friendships headed?

    By Linda Arnold

    Let’s face it. We’re social creatures. While technology helps us in so many ways, there’s no substitute for that face-to-face human contact. Since last Sunday was National Friends Day (who knew it rated its own holiday), it got me thinking about the importance of friendships. Recent studies have shown they can be as important in our lives as family – and, in some cases, more so. 

  • A Second Look: The adventure of finding church in the most unusual places

    In many major cities, even those not so major but rather large ones, storefront churches abound. Some were once the sites for unsavory activities, at least in the sight of those who would never dare to set foot within their walls. Others may well have been long since lost Mom and Pop grocery stores where one could find ordinary items at extraordinary prices. No matter the origin, the spots are now declared to be sites for holiness preached and, hopefully, practiced. 

  • Your pet’s health IS skin deep – Part 2

    Let’s continue our exploration of skin disease in pets from last week.

    Fire skin!

  • If you’re not from the South, you may not be familiar with butter beans

    Technically, they belong to the genus and species Phaseolus lunatusisas lima beans and are sometimes called sieve beans, calico beans or Madagascar beans. But, most frequently here in the South, they are known as “butter beans.”  

  • Sunset Beach Police Department, Aug. 1, 2019

    Aug. 1

    Report taken on Stoke Drive in reference to breaking-and-entering to motor vehicle.

  • Code issues freeze food retail business in Carolina Shores

    CAROLINA SHORES — Tony and Lorraine Cifelli are biting at the bit for their new Italian foods retail business to open at their wholesale Da Vinci Foods warehouse.

    So, apparently, are customers who thought they were going to open in April.

    But code issues with the town of Carolina Shores have held up their grand opening until the couple can conduct the necessary building changes required by the town.

  • Carolina Shores initially approves ‘brunch bill’

    The Carolina Shores Board of Commissioners has granted initial approval of a “brunch bill” for the town.

    The vote on first reading came at the board’s monthly workshop Monday. Second and final reading is on the agenda for commissioners’ subsequent monthly meeting scheduled for 2 p.m. this Thursday, Aug. 8, at town hall on Persimmon Road.

    Town commissioner Beverly Mayhew made a motion to approve the ordinance allowing early alcohol sales on Sundays.

  • Plans call for 422 more homes in Sunset Beach ETJ

    SUNSET BEACH —Besides the recently approved 72-unit Artesa Village Apartments complex within town limits, another developer may soon add to a town building boom as plans were outlined Monday night for construction of 366 more homes.