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  • Holden Beach Police investigate breaking and entering

    Holden Beach Police officers are investigating a breaking and entering reported Feb. 16.

    The victim reported a laser level, a Dell wireless module and $10 worth of change were stolen for the Halstead Street home.

  • Baking, business create hands-on life lessons

    Occupational course of study students at Brunswick County Academy are on their way to sweet success.

    For the nine students on the occupational course of study track, diploma requirements extend far beyond the classroom. About 900 hours of work experience must be completed in addition to regular coursework.

    A student-based business is a requirement for the students, where they learn skills and strategies that will prepare them for “the real world,” Karen Babson, BCA school base chairperson, said.

    “The goal of the business

  • Schools work to keep dropout rates moving downward

    Although dropout percentages in Brunswick County are decreasing, it is still an issue administrators are working on improving.

    Zelphia Grissett, assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction and assessment, said to combat the dropout rate, the focus needs to be on the middle school transition.

    Grissett said most students are ready after finishing the fifth grade, but some “hit a slump” in middle school.

  • Brunswick dropout rates drop

    Dropout percentages for Brunswick County Schools are on the decline.

    According to enrollment statistics, the dropout rate for ninth through 12th grade students in 2006-2007 was 5.66 percent, or 213 students. This number is down eight students and .04 percent from 2005-2006.

    In the 2006-2007 school year, the district had higher enrollment numbers than the previous year. While the number of students who dropped out is higher in 2006-2007 compared to 2005-2006, the percentage of dropouts is lower because of the higher enrollment.

  • Town seeks to avoid fining school that failed third inspection

    SHALLOTTE—A private school operating temporarily in a local church has failed its town fire inspections three times, according to the fire marshal, who has sent the school and the church a final violation notice.

    Now, the fire marshal is working with the church and the school to make sure they pass the next inspection in 21 days.

  • Roney Cheers honored by U.S. House of Representatives

    U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre recently paid tribute on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to Brunswick County citizen Roney Cheers for his lifetime of public service and commitment. Congressman McIntyre’s remarks included:

    “A Tribute to Mr. Roney Cheers on Jan. 29, 2008

  • Development, new construction still unfolding in Sunset Beach

    SUNSET BEACH—West Virginia residents Alan and Michele Brinsfield say they love their new townhouse that’s within walking distance of Ingram Planetarium.

    In fact, it’s just a short walk down High Market Street.

    Their newly purchased two-story second home is one of dozens that have been built so far in Dock Street Townhomes at Seaside Village, a new community unfolding around the planetarium in Sunset Beach.

    For now, the new three-bedroom unit is serving as their second home, but eventually, they said they’d love to settle here permanently.

  • Sometimes solace can come in the most unlikely of places

    Growing up, a little “mom and pop” restaurant was a favorite among locals in my hometown. The greasy spoon—Tom Pig’s—attracted construction workers on lunch breaks, families on a budget and local government officials wanting to rub elbows with Average Joes while getting a good bite of food in a down-home atmosphere.

    Located off the main drag downtown, the restaurant was my mother’s favorite place for breakfast—a place she dragged me to often as a kid.

  • Academy students make Valentine's Day special for all

    I spent Valentine’s Day with the occupational course of study students at Brunswick County Academy. I can honestly say it was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

    The students were operating The Bakin’ and Makin’ Shoppe as part of their diploma requirements. The students must spend 900 hours outside the classroom gaining work experience and operating a student-run business.

    These students have turned into talented chefs and bakers and savvy entrepreneurs.

  • Marine ceremony a humbling experience

    I have been humbled many times in the presence of service men and women.

    There’s nothing like knowing the person standing in front of you has committed to risk his or her life to protect your life, your freedom, and everything else we, as Americans, hold dear.

    I love hearing stories about people approaching service men and women in airports, simply to say “thank-you.”