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  • What is this mystery plant?

    For a while there as a kid, I went through a very serious bird phase. If it had feathers, I was all over it — how birds acted, moved, ate, sang, squawked, flocked. I was a total bird geek. Especially nests. There was just something about seeing those splendid images of birds’ nests in the encyclopedia — with eggs! Or better than that, little birds.

  • What to say when a friend is hurting

    By Linda Arnold

    We’ve all been there. That awkward pause when you find out a friend is getting a divorce. Or dealing with a drug overdose in the family. Maybe it’s a devastating medical diagnosis, a job layoff or the loss of a beloved pet. You want to be supportive. And say the right thing. How do you know, though?

    What not to say

    Here’s a summary of what not to say. These phrases can come off as trite and insincere. They can even make matters worse.

    I know what you’re going through.

  • How to apply eye ointments to your pet

    Every spring, veterinarians across the country will begin diagnosing dogs and cats with a variety of eye ailments. Allergic conjunctivitis, corneal ulcerations, and eye infections will require a host of ointments, washes, rinses, and lubricants. Prescribing an eye ointment for a pet patient is easy; administering it can be a challenge.Tips to help you treat your pet’s injured or ailing eye 

    Make sure to wash your hands both before and after administering any ophthalmic medication to avoid contamination and/or inadvertent spread of infection.

  • Judge could decide H2GO future with summary judgment ruling or go to trial in April

     The lawsuit Leland and Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO filed against Belville over H2GO’s assets and the future of a reverse osmosis water plant could be decided by April if not sooner.

    Superior Court Judge Charles Henry heard the arguments of both Leland/H2GO and Belville at a Feb. 28 hearing to consider motions for summary judgment filed by both parties.

    Leland Town Manager David Hollis said at the Feb. 28 hearing the judge said he would consider ruling on one of the motions for summary judgment.

  • Bill threatens to take ABC stores out of local town control

     Brunswick County towns that benefit from Alcoholic Beverage Control store revenues are opposing a bill before the North Carolina legislature to require consolidation of local ABC boards to no more than one local ABC board in each county.

    “The ABC Laws Modernization/PED Study” bill was filed in the House (HB 91) Feb. 18 and Senate (SB 87) Feb. 19 and would require all ABC systems in counties with two or more ABC (boards) to merge to one system.

  • March is Living Well Month

    It’s Living Well Month! Time to celebrate Extension’s Family and Consumer Sciences programs. This special month is promoted each year by the Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, both at the national level and here in North Carolina.

    “Raising Kids, Eating Right, Spending Smart, Living Well” is the theme that helps share information about the variety of educational programs and opportunities available through Extension Family and Consumer Science (FCS) programs nationwide.

  • God’s Pit Crew reveals new home for Ash resident

     ASH — Irvin Milliken saw his new home for the first time March 16 when he was joined by a crowd of 50 family, friends and volunteers from God’s Pit Crew, the volunteer builders who replaced his Hurricane Florence flood-damaged house.

    The God’s Pit Crew team put Milliken up in a camper down the road from his property on Ash Little River Road until the new home was complete and they could host a reveal Saturday.

  • Brown's Landing source of local lore, family pride


    “While we are not the oldest trees in the forest … we are a good stand of oaks.”

    So concludes the family narrative and genealogy compiled by the great-great-grandson of Alfred Brown, Lonnie McDowell Jr. of Carolina Beach. McDowell published the results of his extensive research in 1991 following his efforts to trace his roots among the sentinel oaks of what came to be known as Brown’s Landing. His fascination with the origins of Brown’s Landing is shared by locals and visitors alike.

  • Money box with cash stolen from Brunswick County library

    A money box with cash inside has been stolen from a local Brunswick County library.

    According to a Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a break-in and larceny were reported at the Southwest Brunswick Branch Library in Carolina Shores at 8:40 a.m. Friday, March 15.

    According to the report, a 60-year-old offender broke the library’s door lock and its money drawer lock and stole a red money box containing an estimated $120.

    The branch opened in August.

    The theft remains under investigation.

  • Rhythm of the Dance energizes BCCOWA stage March 22

    Irish dance reigns at the next BCCOWA Performing Arts Series performance at 7 p.m. Friday, March 22, in Odell Williamson Auditorium on the campus of Brunswick Community College in Bolivia.

    That’s when nimble-footed members of internationally renowned Rhythm of the Dance bop into Brunswick County to do their thing.

    Showcasing traditional dance and music with up-to-date stage technology, the two-hour music-and-dance extravaganza takes the audience on an energy-packed time trip through the ages.