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  • July 17 Calabash concert cancelled, rescheduled

    Due to the weather forecast, the Calabash Summer Concert featuring Chocolate Chip & Co. scheduled for Tuesday night, July 17, has been cancelled and rescheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 28, starting at 6 p.m. For more information, call Calabash Town Hall at 579-6747.

  • Why do we keep repeating life lessons?

    By Linda Arnold


    There you go again:

  • Got lemons? Make lemonade

    I can recall hearing my elders, not necessarily my parents, offering me a bromide to assuage my anger and/or angst with the dubious gifts life brought. Their motivation was clearly understood as an effort to ease my way into acceptance of whatever irksome event, person or experience waited in the wings of the day. They meant well, even good, but I roiled at the saccharine sense of the message. At least, I perceived it as the “spoonful of sugar that would make the medicine go down” and I was not at all convinced I wanted or needed the prescribed solution.

  • Carolina Breakers ride music wave July 22 in Holden Beach

    A high-energy band with five — count ‘em, five — lead vocalists and a killer horn section make up The Carolina Breakers, one of the region’s dynamic beach music groups who play the next Holden Beach Summer Concert at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, July 22, at the gazebo at the end of Jordan Boulevard.

    Motown, funk, rhythm-and-blues and disco, as well as special requests, fill The Breakers’ lengthy music-to-dance-to repertoire, too.

  • Dr. Ernie’s seven senior pet success secrets

    If you’re fortunate enough to share your home with a senior dog or cat (let’s say older than 7), you already feel the beautiful bond forged over years of walking, playing and napping together. Here are my favorite tips to help your senior pet shine well into the later stages of life.

  • Sunset Beach Police Department, July 8-12 2018

    Sunset Beach police investigated the following incidents and made these arrests in the past two weeks. All information is taken directly from incident and arrest reports.

    July 8

    Demiko Dion Hernandez, 32, of Royal Poste Road was arrested on charges of possession of crystal methamphetamine, possession of heroin, possession of schedule III controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Warrants show Hernandez had an unspecified amount of heroin, methamphetamine and buprenorphine and a syringe and two wax bindles July 8.

    July 9

  • Try infused water to hydrate

    We’re definitely into the heat of summer now. Here’s a quick reminder: when it’s hot outside, you need to think more about hydrating. This simply means providing your body with the fluid it needs to keep itself healthy.

    Water regulates lots of different body processes including temperature control, cushioning and protecting organs, digestion and waste and heart rate. We lose water from our body every day by breathing, sweating and in urine.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office reports

    Released at 2:41 p.m. July 16, 2018, by Emily B. Flax, Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office public information officer/community engagement


  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office reports

    Released at 11:32 a.m. July 12, 2018, by Emily B. Flax, Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office public information officer/community engagement


  • Cool(er) fun for a hot summer’s day

    Sure, we love the beach (isn’t that why we’re here?).

    But sometimes on a simmering summer day it’s nice to shift in a different direction and seek out some cool(er) fun for a while.

    Each of the South Brunswick Islands beaches has just the ticket to offer beach-goers a little respite and relief, not to mention recreation.

    Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach