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  • Microgreens can be grown all winter

    Microgreens are edible greens that range in size somewhere between sprouts and mature salad crops. They are easy to grow, fast and delicious. Some examples of microgreens include: arugula, beets, cabbage, carrots, chard, kale, kohlrabi, mustard and peas.

  • Spinach, whether fresh or frozen, is a most versatile vegetable

    Everyone knows spinach is good for you, but we seem to underuse it quite a bit. Spinach contains a powerhouse of nutrients, so why not use it more often?
    The best spinach is usually found in the farmers market rather than the produce section of a regular grocery store. When fresh spinach is not available, why not try using one of the cheapest items at the grocery store? Boxed frozen spinach. The frozen chopped versions are a bit more versatile than the leafy kind, but if you really love the leafy variety, then go with it.

  • Community briefs

    Castillo earns master’s degree
    Boston University in Boston, Mass., awarded academic degrees to 1,517 students in September 2011, including Luis D. Castillo of Leland, who received a master of science degree in project management.
    Boston University is the fourth largest independent university in the United States, with an enrollment of more than 29,000 students in its 17 schools and colleges.

  • Winners named in Mixed Pinehurst Tournament

  • Ladybirds play club championship

    The Brunswick County Ladybird Cup Championship was played Nov. 2 at The Farmstead Golf Course. The event was attended by the Ladies Golf Leagues from the following courses: Brunswick Plantation, Carolina National, The Lakes, Lockwood Folly, Magnolia Greens, Meadowlands-Farmstead, Oak Island, Saint James and Sea Trail.  

  • Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

    The Beachcombers played Oct. 28 at the Sea Trail Maples Course. Low gross: Dan O’Connell, 89. Low nets: O’Connell 65, Dick Cecil 67 and Russ Russo 69. Team two low nets: O’Connell, Dennis McCann, Dick Cecil and Bob Cecil at 22-under par. Golfer of the week was Dan O’Connell.

  • Hurly, Schneider win women’s titles

    When the Beacon ran the story on the 2011 ladies’ club Champions last week, two clubs had not completed their championships. They did play their championships this past week and here are the two missing lady champs.  
    Lori Schneider (Bruns-wick Plantation): Lori Schneider is from Milwaukee, where she worked as a sales manager for Allstate Insurance.  
    “I played a lot of corporate golf in my lifetime,” she said. “I also traveled around the world to places like Russia, Greece, Italy, Norway and Sweden.  

  • Brunswick County men’s golf club champions

    Wow! What a great year for golf. Courses that were closed are reopening, several of our local links have installed fabulous new hybrid grasses on their greens, parking lots are filling up again, and we have a whole new class of men’s club champions.  

  • Mother Nature deals tough hand

    I am struggling here trying to keep the reports coming when at best all we can get is one day a week to head offshore. The cold fronts and low-pressure storms have been relentless. As such, the ocean has continued to be dirty and stirred up.

  • Young turkey hunters learn about the sport

    It may not have officially been turkey-hunting season, but a lot of shooting at turkeys was done Oct. 8 at the inaugural NWTF Jakes Day. The Brunswick County Longbeards Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) sponsored this event. The event took place at Roans Branch Hunting Preserve on Green Lewis Road in Bolivia.