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  • We’re all doing the best we can

    By Linda Arnold

    Are you still stressed out over something that happened last week?

    Holiday periods often bring extended family into our lives. Routines are changed, and people are thrown together 24/7. So it’s no wonder some feathers can get ruffled.

    Here’s the thing. You may have had expectations of how things would go. And when they didn’t go that way, you got upset. This is just human nature, although you can make it easier on yourself. Especially if you’re still experiencing “aftershocks.”

  • A Second Look: The Green Book evokes the power of relationship

    I love to go to the movies. The only challenge is my inability to sit in the dark while trying to take notes on what hits my heart or mind or need in order to enable a later recording what I now see.

  • Pet travel time: tips to combat motion sickness

    Each summer, I receive frantic phone calls from pet parents embarking on the Great American Car Trip. “What can I do to keep Buster calm? How can I prevent him from getting sick in the car?” It’s a fact. Many dogs and cats experience nausea, anxiety and stress when riding in cars. To calm a nervous stomach, these are some of my favorite phone call remedies:

    Natural treatments for motion sickness

    1) Withhold food four to six hours before departure.

  • Answering questions about food preservation

    Cooperative Extension Family and Consumer Science staff in North Carolina has long been known for their knowledge of food safety and food preservation. We frequently get phone calls or emails from consumers asking specific questions on these topics.

  • Judge takes Calabash apartment case under advisement

    BOLIVIA — A judge has taken under advisement a petitioner’s appeal regarding the Calabash town board’s recent approval of a conditional use permit for a 60-unit apartment complex.

    Judge Doug Sasser, filling in at a hearing Monday for Superior Court Judge James Bell, cited 130 pages of documents requiring review in the appeal filed April 29 by resident Sandra Lefenfeld.

  • Candidate filing period ends Friday

    By Sam Hickman and Laura Lewis

    The candidate filing period for 2019 municipal elections in Brunswick County ends at noon Friday, July 19.

    All of the county’s 19 municipalities have town board seats up for grabs or renewal for this year’s Nov. 5 elections, including mayoral seats.

    Calabash Mayor Mary Knight announced in June she does not plan to seek re-election this year after serving two terms in addition to serving previously as a town commissioner.

  • Calabash mayor’s next gig on P&Z board approved

    Maybe she isn’t seeking re-election this year, but the town of Calabash isn’t letting go of Mayor Mary Knight just yet.

    At their July 9 monthly meeting, town commissioners voted unanimously to appoint Knight and former commissioner Daria Buccilli to fill vacant positions on the town planning and zoning board after each indicated interest in serving.

    Knight will fill the remainder of an unexpired term that continues through October 2020 following the resignation of former board member John Thomas, town clerk Sue Stuhr said.

  • What is this mystery plant?

     “O thou weed, who art so lovely fair and smell’st so sweet

    That the sense aches at thee, would thou hadst ne’er been born!

    Shakespeare, Othello, IV, 2

    Here we have another Jekyll and Hyde plant — one that is indeed “lovely fair” and quite attractive, but one which, at the same time, is a most loathsome invader. The plant pictured was found in the upstate portion of South Carolina not so long ago, and populations of it seem to be moving closer to our coast.

  • The No. 1 topic that gets lost with couples

    By Linda Arnold

    Job responsibilities. To-do lists. Childcare.

    If your relationship with your spouse or partner is consumed with the day-to-day running of your lives together, you may not realize the toll it’s taking.

    Sure, you’re getting stuff done. Are you really sharing your lives, though? You may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “Who has time for that?” All the more reason to listen up.

    Over time, this happens with every relationship. And it takes work to shift from a superficial level to a deeper level.

  • A bumpy ride: side effects and unexpected post-op detours

    This didn’t look good.

    Betsy followed a trail of pink droplets weaving from the kitchen floor all the way to her den. The path led to her basset hound, Aaron (named after Elvis, of course), curled in a corner. A reddish stain was spreading onto the carpet from his tummy area where he’d recently had a large fatty tumor removed.