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  • There still is a place for us

    Have you ever had a tune pop into your head and stay there, humming its way into your brain and psyche with relentless ardor? Have you ever been inundated with the memories the song elicited? Well, I have.
    Suddenly, without invitation, the lyrics to a poignant song from “West Side Story” burst into my consciousness and would not leave me alone. Unable to recall all the words, I Googled my way to the site that gave me the information. Then came the memories.

  • County reports more than $500,000 in losses to off-shore financial scams

    Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of stories about the various financial scams that have been reported in Brunswick County. If you think you have been a victim of a scam, report it to your local police department, or to detective Ed Carter at the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office at 253-2777.


    That’s how much money Brunswick County residents have lost to financial scams in the past two years. At least that’s what has been reported to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

  • One bidder offers $500K for old hospital, 32 acres of land

    BOLIVIA—During the 45-day window in which county officials solicited requests for proposals for the former Brunswick Community Hospital, only one bid was received.

    Brunswick County Manager Marty Lawing said several healthcare related agencies have expressed interest in the 35-year-old hospital facility, but only one agency submitted a formal bid as of the bid deadline last Tuesday, Nov. 15.

  • Task force recommends elderly exemption for property taxes

    BOLIVIA—A county commissioner appointed task force has recommended commissioners adopt an elderly exemption for property taxes.

    On Monday night, commissioners agreed with the recommendations of the task force and approved a resolution in support of their recommendations.

  • Now’s the time to talk (leftover) turkey

    Cheryle Jones Syracuse
    Family and Consumer Science Staff
    NC Cooperative Extension
    Brunswick County Center
    By the time most of you are reading this, another Thanksgiving dinner will be just a memory, photos posted on Facebook and a sad looking turkey carcass chilling out in the refrigerator.
    It’s all over but the leftovers, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about food safety. While overindulging can cause an upset stomach, so can eating food that was improperly handled or stored.

  • Junior gardeners earn certification

    Eight members of the Merry Gold Gardeners Junior Master Gardeners 4H Club have received the Golden Ray Certification for Growing a Vegetable Garden. Led by Grace Wrigley and Mercy McCurdy, certified Master Gardeners, the club meets at Supply Elementary School during the school year to learn more about gardening and the environment.
    To learn more about Brunswick County 4-H and how to participate in activities like these, contact Blair Green, 4-H extension agent, at blair_wooten@ncsu.edu or Angie Lawrence, 4-H program assistant, at angie_lawrence@ncsu.edu.

  • Sheriff shares holiday shopping safety tips

    As the busiest shopping time of the year approaches, Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram shares some safety tips for this holiday shopping season.

    Ingram warns that during the holiday shopping season, “criminal activity becomes very active during this time.”

    “Prior to you or your family leaving to go shopping, you should discuss a few safety tips, which will enhance your safety awareness,” Ingram said.

    Ingram offers the following safety tips:

  • Cover crops give back to your soil

    People garden for many reasons.
    When we garden, we are almost always focused on what is going on above the ground and think little about what is going on in the soil.

  • Big business and bees

    Judy Kohley
    Master Gardener
    As individuals, we can help bees in a number of ways: plant flowers that bees love, stop using pesticides, and, become beekeepers. Cross-pollination by bees helps at least 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of wild plants to thrive. Without bees, many plants, including food crops, would die off.

  • Community briefs

    Senior site menus
    Here are lunch menus for Brunswick County’s seven Senior Nutrition Sites for next week.
    Monday, Nov. 28
    Sausage with peppers/onions, pinto beans, fresh cooked cabbage, pineapple tidbits, hot dog bun/whole-wheat bun, beverage.
    Tuesday, Nov. 29
    Chopped steak/gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, okra/tomatoes, pears, white bread/whole-wheat bread, beverage.
    Wednesday, Nov. 30
    Herb-baked chicken fillet/gravy, brown rice, collards, fruit cocktail, orange juice, biscuit/whole-wheat roll, beverage.