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  • County commissioners, staff say goodbye to outgoing board members

    BOLIVIA—Commissioners who served on the Brunswick County Board with Bill Sue and Charles Warren gave them a sendoff at their final meeting Dec. 3.

    Before being elected the next board’s chairman, commissioner Phil Norris spoke about chairman Sue.

    “I’ve known him for many years. He’s been a mentor. He’s been like a father figure. He has shown he loves Brunswick County with all his heart,” Norris said.

  • Dosher chosen for national excellence award

    Dosher Memorial Hospital was chosen from more than 1,900 hospitals nationwide to receive the 2012 T-System Client Excellence Award for Rapid Process Improvement with an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS).
    T-System Inc., the industry leader in clinical, business and IT solutions for emergency care, annually recognizes hospital and primary and urgent care clinic partners most effectively improving the quality of patient care and satisfaction, community health leadership, operational processes and financial results.

  • Emergency alerts coming to cell phones

    BOLIVIA—If a phone upgrade is on your Christmas wish list, that new device may come with a new emergency alert service.

    Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) is the latest method put in place to notify the public of emergency warnings.

    It will bring to your cell phone the Emergency Alert System—the next generation of the emergency broadcast system, which breaks into TV programs blaring a siren to draw your attention. It often endswith the announcement, “This is only a test.”

  • No business means show business for old hospital

    When the old Brunswick Community Hospital building became the county’s responsibility in September 2011, the administration began searching for a buyer to get operation costs off county books.

    They didn’t know at the time an old building would bring Hollywood to their door.

    County administration did not try to break into show business—the calls came to them after Novant moved out of the building off U.S. 17 and into the new medical center just down the road.

  • Leland expands Christmas events to Friday and Saturday

    The North Carolina Christmas festival and parade in Leland celebrates 20 years this weekend by expanding to a two-day event.

    On Friday, Dec. 7, the Unity Group of North Brunswick, event organizers, will host their first street dance the night before the parade at the festival location—in the North Brunswick shopping center parking lot behind BB&T.

    Unity Group president John Crowder said the dance would be from 7-10 p.m. with local band Kicking Aces performing country, rock and other music.

  • Clock is ticking on sale of county hospital

    BOLIVIA—Brunswick County officials received a $1.75 million offer in October for the old county hospital.

    At the county meeting Dec. 3, the newly installed county board approved a contract with the buyer that will finalize the deal on Feb. 15, 2013.

    “This agreement starts a clock,” county manager Marty Lawing said. “This has a long history. Last September (2011) the property was deeded back to the county. We used the upset bid process to sell the property but had a couple deals fall apart.”

  • Foreclosure reviews available through end of the year

    December is the last month homeowners in foreclosure can request an independent review from Brunswick Housing Opportunities.

    Resea Willis, a counselor at Brunswick Housing Opportunities, said people are eligible if the home is their primary residence and they entered foreclosure between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2010.

    Willis said anyone who has been through a foreclosure, whether they felt they were treated fairly or unfairly, should take advantage of the review.

  • County will go to court to keep path to hospital sale clear

    Brunswick County officials made plans Monday night to finalize the sale of the old Brunswick Community Hospital property by Feb. 15, 2013.

    But to clear the way for a smooth handover, the county filed a declaratory action, a civil compliant in Brunswick County Superior Court, against a former bidder for the property.

    County attorney Huey Marshall said the complaint was filed Nov. 2 and served to

    Jacobs Real Estate Advisors LLC and Katierich Asset Management LLC on Nov. 13.

  • Community briefs

    New books at Hickmans Crossroads
    The following new books are now available at Hickmans Crossroads Library:
    “The Forgotten” by David Baldacci. After he receives a posthumous note from his aunt hinting things are horribly amiss in her Florida Gulf Coast town, Army Special Agent John Puller uncovers a shocking conspiracy.

  • Doggy bag safety and advice for other leftovers

    I love doggy bags. We don’t have a dog and most of the time those leftovers are for me.
    With the size of many restaurant portions these days, it is only wise to bring part of your food home for another meal or possibly two. Have you ever thought about the safety of this food? Here’s a quick one-question quiz to see what you know about doggy bag safety.
    The last time you took home a doggy bag from a restaurant, how long did it stay in your refrigerator before eating it?
    A: One day.
    B: Two days.
    C: Three to four days.