Today's News

  • Make a resolution to practice food safety in the New Year

    This past year I’ve frequently written in this column about food safety at home and in restaurants. This week I’m reviewing of the basic concepts by suggesting some “food safety” New Year resolutions that can help prevent you or a family member from getting a food-borne illness.
    Another good thing: These resolutions may be easier to keep than most and they might save you a trip to the doctor or hospital.
    •I will wash my hands and encourage kids to wash their hands before eating.

  • Local veterinarian helps animals and victims of Hurricane Sandy

    In the days after Hurricane Sandy ripped across the East Coast, local veterinarian Dr. Patrick Terry was on the phone with a fellow vet on Long Island.
    “He said it was cold and miserable and people were really suffering,” said Terry, co-owner of Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital in Leland. “He said they just really needed help and when somebody asks for help, what makes the system work is if we go and help them.”
    So he did.

  • New Year’s food will bring you luck throughout the year

    Do any of you have any special foods that you eat on New Year’s Day to bring good luck?
    We always have pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day. I don’t exactly know why. This is just a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Pork and sauerkraut is always the first meal of the year. It’s supposed to bring good luck throughout the year. I have no idea why.

  • Calendar

    Because of the holiday, some clubs and organizations may have altered schedules. Call ahead before planning to attend.

  • Plans in motion for upcoming bridal expo

    Party rentals, caters, venues, florists, cake bakeries, wine shops, video productions, disc jockeys, accommodations, photographers, transportation, wedding officials and planners all specializing in weddings will be at the Southern Cape Fear Bridal Expo from
    1-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 17, at the Southport Community Building.

  • Local street bike club rides for a reason: Giving back to the community

    CALABASH—The steady wind blowing Friday afternoon made it too cold for motorcycles, but provided a good reason to be indoors for the STR 8 GAS Bike Club’s Christmas party at the Calabash VFW building.

    Club members usually ride in their black leather vests, but with four days until Christmas they wore them to play Santa’s helpers.

    Club members often ride for a reason, having fundraisers for sick, disabled or injured community members.

  • Wave Transit bus routes adding schools, Brunswick Forest

    LELAND—Wave Transit has added more bus routes in Leland, expanding service to Leland Middle School, North Brunswick High School and Brunswick Forest.

    At Leland’s town board meeting Dec. 20, Wave executive director Albert Eby and planning and development director Megan Matheny announced the route expansion would begin on Feb. 4, 2013.

    Wave has run a Brunswick connector from Wilmington to Leland for six years, Eby said.

  • Leland rejects apartment text change

    LELAND—There was a packed house at Leland’s Dec. 20 town meeting where residents were ready to argue against a unified development ordinance text change. Many believed the change would lead to unwanted apartments near the Waterford development.

    But the town council decided one small change was unnecessary when they have a new zoning plan on the horizon.

  • Leland plans for gateway growth into a new downtown

    LELAND—Leland officials are talking about creating a new downtown.

    Officials talked about development in a planning workshop Dec. 9-12.

    Town manager David Hollis said the town approved the Flexcode zoning in 2011 to promote the mixed-use development they want to encourage in downtown Leland.

    However, Flexcode zoning is optional. Developers have been able to consider traditional zoning for the area.

    Hollis said the town intends to make Flexcode standard zoning beginning in 2013.

  • Police offer property list to help track stolen items

    The best defense against breaking and entering is a locked door.

    But with larcenies from locked and unlocked homes continually reported, the Holden Beach Police Department has a backup plan.

    The department will provide residents with a property registration form to list any items a thief might target.

    It’s a proactive measure to improve chances of recovering stolen items.

    The department started providing property registration forms about 18 months ago, Sgt. Frank Dilworth said.