Today's News

  • Great weather, great fishing abounds

    As I had hoped, last week’s bad weather was balanced by incredibly good weather this past week. As a result, the fish, too, decided to balance themselves as well, and they went on the feed this week.

    The king mackerel bite turned on red-hot at many favorite locations. The Jungle and 65-Foot Hole were two of the best, but Christina’s ledge, 390/390 and Shark Hole were also producing good fish.

  • Youth program teaches golf, life skills

    I have been involved with youth programs for most of my life. Gene and I had four daughters and for years we were immersed in Girl Scouts, church youth groups, softball teams, gymnastics, a children’s choir, and the junior golf program at our club.

  • Golf action


    On July 21 Al Bowman, 79, beat his age by five strokes, shooting a 74 for the day. Bowman was playing with Ralph Bowman, Hal Foley and Butch Reeves.

    On July 23, the game was “Man in the Box.” Post the three best balls per hole but each player must be designated to play every fourth hole, where his score must be used. Post just three best balls for holes 17 and 18.

  • Junior Legion season successful, helpful for Trojans

    Mike Alderson leaned back in his chair and pointed at a white board that had a baseball diamond, outlined in black, drawn on it.

    “That board up there,” he said, “I got three question marks up there: right field, left field, third base. This summer probably answered some of those questions. And that’s what it’s all about.”

  • UPDATEMedical examiner's office releases Bradshaw's autopsy

    Thirty-four-year-old Shallotte Realtor Adam Bradshaw died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to the autopsy report released Friday.

    The murder weapon, the report states, “is consistent with a high-velocity firearm.”

    Bradshaw, a Realtor with Century 21 Home Town Realty on Main Street, was first reported missing April 27, after he failed to return home.

  • Drug court, law enforcement unite to tackle drug problems in Brunswick

    “How long has it been since you’ve used drugs or alcohol?” Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis asked the sandy-haired 20-something standing before her at the first session of drug treatment court.

    Sixteen days, he responded.

    Marijuana, he replied when she probed further for the substance he last used.

    Then he took a deep, long breath and continued—and cocaine, heroin and alcohol.

    “The court appreciates your honesty,” Lewis replied.

  • K-9 Enforcement Team puts heat on drug areas

    It’s sweltering. Beads of sweat quickly turn to buckets as temperatures soar into triple digits.

    But still, they’re out there, conducting driver’s license checkpoints and keeping pressure on areas in the county notorious for drug activity.

    On a 100-degree Monday afternoon they visited North Mulberry Road, McMilly Road, The Quarters, Pinecrest and Hale Swamp Road.

    They were going back later that afternoon and then again that evening.

    And they’ll be back tomorrow, next week, next month and as long as it takes.

  • A chicken and a congressman

    A 4-foot, 10-inch bright yellow chicken stood on the courthouse lawn Monday morning, holding up a sign that read, “Who’s the bigger chicken, me or McIntyre?”

    Supporters of Will Breazeale, the Republican Party’s candidate for U.S. Congress (District 7) stood within viewing distance of U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre’s office and protested the incumbent’s refusal to participate in a proposed debate against Breazeale.

    Leanne Bell, Breazeale’s campaign scheduler and wife of campaign advisor George Bell, coordinated the protest.

  • Home sales rise again in June, average price dips

    Brunswick County saw a 37 percent increase in existing home sales in June compared to the previous year. The average price of a home in the area has decreased 24 percent, according to the latest information from the N.C. Association of Realtors.

    The NCAR report indicates Brunswick County realtors sold 218 houses in June, compared to 159 in June of 2007. The number is also an increase over the 172 sold in May of this year.

  • Substance abuse has various causes and treatments

    They’re not weak.

    They’re not unmotivated.

    They aren’t suffering from a lack of willpower.

    They’re suffering from addiction.

    Kenny House, substance abuse counselor at Coastal Horizons, said common misconceptions about people suffering from substance abuse are that they’re weak, unmotivated and lack willpower.

    But these ideas are untrue.

    “The flip side of that misconception is that addiction really is best described as a brain disease expressed in compulsive behavior,” House explained.