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  • How to grow early vegetables

    Over the years, a number of techniques have been used to produce early vegetable crops. Many of these “tricks of the trade” were originated by growers and universities. By using one or more of these “tricks,” you can increase your annual vegetable yield. Check out these seven tips for growing vegetables early and getting a jump on the rest of the growers:

    Multiple plantings

  • Winter gardening tips

    The window is still open for pruning your shrubs and trees. Now is the time to cut back your pampas grass to within 12-inches of the ground.

    Use hedge clippers because of the vastness of the grass clump and wear gloves as the leaves have sharp edges. Make sure you remove the dead leaves and debris from the center of the clump so sunlight can get through to start the spring growing process. Established clumps of pampas grass can be divided and planted elsewhere in your landscape.

  • Riding the temperature roller coaster

    The temperature roller coaster continues here in southeastern North Carolina with nights in the teens followed a few days later with days in the 70s. While you won’t find me complaining about the days in the 70s, the erratic temperatures do create problems for our garden plants.

    Gardenias in some locations have been injured. If the warmth continues, you’ll see roses and lots of other plants starting to grow. And, the warmth really creates great conditions for winter weeds in lawns.

  • Republicans race to the White House

    MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.—With the South Carolina GOP presidential primary just days away, candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination sparred last Thursday night at the First-in-the-South GOP presidential debate.

    No Republican has ever won the presidency without first winning the South Carolina primary, debate panelist Carl Cameron told the candidates, whose demeanors already suggested they understood the importance of capturing the key state.

  • Brunswick Republicans volunteer at S.C. debate

    MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.—While Mount Myrtle, the 1,000-ton, 20-foot sand likeness of the Republican presidential candidates drew most of the attention of passersby, Helen Pannullo and her husband John were busy volunteering for the day’s events leading up to the First-in-the-South Republican presidential primary debate last Thursday.

  • Democratic debate slated for Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    The Congressional Black Caucus Institute will host the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate before the Jan. 26 South Carolina Democratic primary.

    The debate kicks off at 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21, at the Palace Theater in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    The media sponsors are CNN, CNN International and CNN Radio. Wolf Blitzer will moderate the event with CNN correspondents John King and Suzanne Malveaux will serve as panelists.

  • Additional subpoenas issued in sheriff case

    At least seven Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office employees have been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury. The subpeonas were issued last Thursday, county attorney Huey Marshall said.

    When contacted at his office Tuesday, Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald E. Hewett referred questions about receiving a subpoena to his attorney, W. Douglas Parsons.

    But Hewett said he was, and would continue to be at work.

  • Animal shelter gets conditional approval in follow-up inspection

    The Brunswick County Animal Shelter received conditional approval following a Dec. 20 follow-up state inspection.

    The shelter still needs to address “ventilation and temperature” in its dog kennel area, according to the end-of-year report issued by a state inspector.

    “Issues with temperatures in warm/hot weather still exist,” the report states, adding an air conditioning unit has been contracted for the shelter, with installation expected for completion by Jan. 31.

  • County planning board approves rezonings and subdivisions

    BOLIVIA—Members of the Brunswick County Planning Board considered the following map amendments on Monday night.

    •Recommended approving a request to rezone 78.8 acres on N.C. 211 to commercial low density from low-density residential.

    •Recommended approval of a request to rezone 7.8 acres on Blackwell Road and off U.S. 17 to commercial low density from medium-density residential.

    •Recommended the approval of a request to rezone .54 acres on Clemmons Road and N.C. 211 to commercial low density from low-density residential.

  • Airport gets $400,000 for runway extension

    SOUTHPORT-OAK ISLAND—The Brunswick County Airport has received $400,000 in earmarked federal funds.

    The funds are in the nation's new budget, U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre recently announced, to help with a final runway extension of 5,505 feet.

    Airport director Howie Franklin said the extension would allow executive jets to land at the airport, bringing in more revenue and more airport-based businesses catering to clients.