Laura Lewis
Alicia Babcock of the Village at Calabash in Carolina Shores points out her missing mailbox she says was hit by a speeding motorist in the early hours of Sunday, June 10. She’s also concerned about the safety of children in her neighborhood, especially now that they’re out of school for the summer. She is pictured with Pennsylvania resident Stacey Singrella and Singrella’s 7-year-old daughter, Alexa, who were out on their scooters while vacationing here with Singrella’s parents. “It’s a little treacherous,” Singrella said of the traffic.
Carolina Shores woman wants motorists to slow down

CAROLINA SHORES — Alicia Babcock has just two words for motorists going over the speed limit in her neighborhood: Slow down.

The Village at Calabash resident says there have always been motorists exceeding the neighborhood speed limit of 35 mph, but in the past year it’s gotten even worse.

Last summer, two neighborhood pond ducks were killed by a speeding car, Babcock said.