• Grandma Torok would be so proud of me

    I don’t have to tell baseball fans who’s standing beside me in the photo to the left.

    For readers who don’t follow the sport, he’s the one and only Omar Vizquel: the best shortstop to wear a Cleveland Indians uniform my dad says he’s ever seen.

    “Wow,” Omar said when I told him that. “Cleveland has had some pretty good shortstops.”

  • Purr therapy available online and at our shelters

    There’s a common joke that the Internet was created just so people could watch cat videos. I’m certainly doing my part to prove this as fact.

    The story of Grandpa Mason and his kittens is well known among us cat lovers. It goes like this: TinyKittens, a feline rescue organization in Langley, British Columbia, trapped an injured feral tabby covered with scars who was soon diagnosed with terminal kidney disease. Instead of euthanizing him, they took him in as a hospice patient to live in safety and comfort for the remainder of his days.

  • Absentee ballots for everyone

    Absentee ballots for everyone.

    It’s the most sensible and affordable way to get everyone to vote. So let’s make ‘em do it.

    That’s my takeaway from a Brunswick County Board of Elections hearing I attended a couple weeks back, where the idea of scheduling early voting on a Sunday was discussed.

    It was mentioned more than a few times that Brunswick County has not allowed Sunday voting.

  • You decide: is North Carolina keeping up with other states?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

  • Some stories begin with a bang, fade with a fizzle

    This year, I managed to make it to both the Ocean Isle Beach fireworks July 3 and the Calabash fireworks July 4. Both were spectacular! I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy some time off to celebrate Independence Day by participating in one or more celebratory events here in our community last week.

  • Fort Caswell plays host to first Rural Justice Food Summit

    By Chelsea Dunlap

    Guest Columnist

    From April 20-22, the Youth Ambassadors for A Better Community hosted their first-ever Rural Food Justice Summit in Fort Caswell. There were approximately 70 people in attendance and other youth groups, including A Better Chance — A Better Community, Youth Empowered Solutions and NC Field.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina General Assembly, we passed historic constitutional amendments for the voters to decide, we had a record override votes of the governor’s vetoes, and we finished our work for the short session.

  • You decide: what should be done about income inequality?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    Income inequality is one of those terms that receive different reactions from people. Some view it as a natural result of our economic system. Others view it as the rich robbing the poor. Still, others ignore it by focusing on their own lives and whether they are making progress.

  • News is reported even when nightmares come true

    It was only one story.

    One factual, accurate and fair piece of reporting about a harassment case apparently motivated a man to redirect a festering rage to a community newspaper and take it out June 28 on the innocent people who worked there.

    I didn’t know Gerald Fischman, Robert Hiaasen, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith or Wendi Winters, but they were just as much my colleagues as anyone else I work with here at the Beacon or have worked with in my newspaper career.

  • Tariffs on newsprint have impact on Beacon coverage

    Now that’s you’ve read this week’s editorial, let me tell you what it means for the Beacon.

    The people who regularly send us community news items already know we haven’t been able to publish them as promptly as we have in the past. The No. 1 reason for our community news backlog is not having enough pages. Submissions are held for a week, then two, and so on until we have enough space for them after we’ve placed all ads and news stories on our pages every week.