• Awareness key in preventing drownings

    To the editor:

    Each time I hear about another child drowning, my thoughts go immediately to Kelly Helbig, her family and their mission.

    In June 2010, Kelly’s 4-year-old son Jack drowned in a lake in their backyard. Since that time, the Jack Helbig Memorial Foundation was established to prevent drowning through education and public awareness.

  • Thanks, CIS volunteers

    To the editor:

  • Calling foul on Rabon’s Duke Energy bill

    To the editor:

    To use baseball as a metaphor for politics, Sen. Bill Rabon has thrown us some curveballs in the past. The latest is his controversial Senate Bill 559 demanded and largely written by Duke Energy for multiyear rate increases. Duke Energy contributed $10,000 to Rabon’s Campaign Fund for his pivotal role in advancing the bill.

  • Letter example of fake news

    To the editor:

    Concerning the letter to the editor by Tom Sapp, chairman of the Brunswick County Democratic Party, last week:

    Another example of fake news by the Democrats to discredit our duly elected president. The full story can be read here:


  • Welcoming asylum-seekers a plus for U.S.

    To the editor:

    Statistics show that roughly two million Americans die every year as compared to one million Americans born each year.

    There is much in the news these days about this falling birth rate in the U.S. There is also much in the news about immigrant families from Central America and South America seeking asylum in the United States. Might this be not a problem but, instead, a solution?

  • Spiritual gifts preserve God’s grace

    To the editor:

    Spiritual gifts are part of the very nature of God, given to us for Him to use to fulfill His purposes in our lives and on the Earth.

  • Make RO plant regional to expedite clean water

    To the editor:

    As I keep getting texts from the county telling me to conserve water because we don’t have enough, I can’t help but see the irony of millions of gallons of polluted water passing by in the Cape Fear, and two years into this crisis, we are no closer to clean water.

    Leland is finally on board with the RO plant but wants to own and operate it. Belville fears that Leland has delusions of grandeur and wants to own everything, including Belville.

    Here’s my solution, and I hope it gets serious consideration:

  • Please help find Molly

    To the editor:

    Thank you to all of the kind people who have offered support and help in looking for our puppy Molly. 

    Molly slipped out of her harness on May 28. Molly is a seven-month-old terrier-looking puppy with amber eyes and a little mask. She is caramel and white with a rough, curly coat. She is still missing. She is very timid. She will run if confronted. She could be around N.C. 179 around the Ocean Isle Beach area. She was spotted last Friday, May 31, near the Bent Tree Plantation gate. 

  • Cane theft a low blow

    To the editor:

    I am a disabled veteran. I had back surgery last week. I went to the Food Lion last week. While I was in the store, someone stole my cane from my car. It was given to me by my father, a Normandy survivor. It has a Marine Corps insignia on the staff and a bulldog on the top. It is about the lowest act I can think of. I hope the scumbag that took it has a happy Veterans Day.

    Tom Hewit

    Oak Island

  • BFA thankful for concert donation

    To the editor

    Brunswick Family Assistance would like to say “thank you” to The Romios for their donation of $175 raised at a recent concert at Brunswick Plantation. Band members include Jim Sloan, Bubba Pasterczyk, Wayne Lewis, Steve Escott, Jeff Onori, Dave Dodig and Steve Seibert.