• Thank you to ECU School of Dentistry

    To the editor:

    I give priority in my retired years to awaken each day with the intention of recognizing and sharing my appreciation to each and every person, service, experience that may have presented itself in my life in an exceptional way. I live by the realization that every human being in our entire world needs to be acknowledged, and that they belong to our world!

  • Rehabilitated people deserve second chances

    To the editor:

    Humans aren’t perfect by any means, which means we will make mistakes. When mistakes are made, usually there are expected consequences, but how long does it take for the mistake to be forgiven?

    Breaking the law isn’t acceptable and the individual should be held accountable, but does it mean the individual will never change? The answer could be yes or no because ultimately it’s up to the individual whether they are going to change.

  • Prevent voter suppression in our state

    To the editor:

    The Supreme Court ruling in favor of Ohio’s right to purge voter registration rolls of non-voters is just another way to suppress the vote.

    Our right and responsibility in participating in our democratic republic includes voting. Above all, we must vote, register and help others get to the polls, educate all about local issues and candidates and volunteer and support our civil liberties.

  • Cruelty is not Christian or American value

    To the editor:

    It confounds me how so many Christians can be so adamantly single-minded about an unborn child, yet remain callous and dismissive toward those children here with us.

    Horrible things are being done these days toward children. This is a documented fact and an abomination. It is a stain on our entire country — those perpetrating the chaos and those of us who look the other way. Children and parents alike are being traumatized, but it is the children whose lives will be forever impacted.

  • Thanks for making Rockin’ Democracy successful

    To the editor:

    The Rockin’ Democracy in Brunswick County event was a first of its kind. Kudos to the steering committee that had the vision and leadership for this special event showcasing citizenship, democracy, volunteerism and engagement with the community.

  • Federal act punishes coastal states

    To the editor:

    Regarding the Enhancing State Management of Federal Lands and Waters Act, the name of this act should be the “Holding Coastal States Hostage Act” or “Unfair Coastal States Penalties Act.”

  • Vote for our children’s future

    To the editor:

    It would be difficult to reconcile our concern for our children with the way many of us vote on Election Day, choosing candidates who represent positions contrary to their best interests.

    After all, is it in our children’s interest to support a candidate who favors tax cuts for the wealthiest among us while cutting spending on education and denying our teachers a living wage? How does forcing teachers to take second jobs and then show up to class exhausted benefit our kids?

  • Thanks for mission team support

    To the editor:

    The Dublin mission team from Calvary Baptist Church in Shallotte wishes to thank the many people who made our Memorial Day weekend yard sale a huge success.

    From all the folks who donated so many wonderful items to the Calvary family who baked goods, cooked and sold hot dogs and lemonade and to those who spent hours with us setting up and cleaning up, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    We are close to making our funding and plan another yard sale June 23 starting at 8 a.m.

  • Horton will hold polluters accountable

    For too long, the citizens of southeastern North Carolina have elected representatives and leaders who have betrayed the health and welfare of the public and sold our area’s natural resources to the highest bidder. North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District is in need of an elected official who will hold corporate polluters accountable; someone who will respect people over polluters and make informed policy decisions based on the needs of her constituents rather than corporate donors.

  • Elect those who will listen

    To the editor:

    My wife and I moved here nearly 14 years ago, in large part because of our desire to be near the ocean. I’ve been reflecting on this fact, as the first week of June was North Carolina’s official Clean Water Week.