• Mardi Gras 4 Paws puts on the dog

    To the editor:

    Paws-Ability hosted its annual Mardi Gras 4 Paws event on March 5 at Jinks Creek Waterfront Grille.

    This popular event brings in Fat Tuesday in style with a sold-out party each year. Attendees arrive in costume, beads and masks to compete for best costumes. A face painter adds to the costumed attendees.

    Cajun appetizers and a king cake provided by Sweet Cakes Bakery of Ocean Isle, complete with the “good luck” babies that happen to be dogs and cats, add to the fun of the evening.

  • Disinformation is transparent

    To the editor:

    I love letters to the public through the editors, as I cherish the soapbox speakers of our American past.

    A concern about them, though, is that folks with tainted fish to fry and who have little acquaintance with the truth use them ill-advisedly. Some would poison the truth outright in an effort to influence public opinion through misinformation or disinformation.

  • Citizens deserve respect, neutrality

    To the editor:

    An open letter to Sunset Beach Mayor Pro Tem Benton:

    Mr. Benton:

    As presiding mayor pro tem, citizens expect you to be respectful and remain neutral. At the March 19 council meeting, you stated “there are only four or five people in this town trying to stop dredging.”

  • Sea Trail roads meet standards

    To the editor:

    In (the March 21) Beacon, a letter from Mr. Duane Lewis suggested that the town of Sunset Beach had acted inappropriately by accepting the remaining private roads in Sea Trail, an action that was the result of “backroom politics” that will not benefit the town.

  • Veterans' monument clarified

    To the editor:

    In the Beacon’s “Towns” section on March 14, movement of a monument at the Shallotte Armory to Mulberry Park was credited to the VFW. This is a wonderful vets organization; however, they had nothing to do with the monument.

    I am the last Past Commander of Nocha White American Legion Post 247 in Shallotte until merging with Calabash American Legion Post 503 in 1999.

  • Democrats: Sit back and enjoy the show

    To the editor:

    I have a message for Democrats: Stop complaining!

    Let’s imagine for a moment that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election and was now our president. She would have entered office with a solid majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress. From the moment she took her oath of office, investigations into everything from her emails to the re-opening of the Vince Foster case would have commenced. Further, as they did for President Obama, Congress would have obstructed every initiative put forward by the White House.

  • Protect turtles from seismic testing

    To the editor:

    Thank you, Rep. Iler, for filing HB 169 to make the loggerhead turtle the official NC Saltwater Reptile.

    I hope in addition to this honor there are benefits to the turtles such as protection from seismic testing. Threats to loggerhead turtles include by-catch in fishing gear, loss or degradation of nesting habitat, vessel strikes, entanglement in marine debris, disease, chemical pollution, noise, plastic ingestion and now seismic testing.

  • TV reception possible matter of perception

    To the editor:

    I have lived a long time and can now be called “elderly” without hurting my feelings. I remember watching “The Ed Sullivan Show” on Sundays. There were about three Lincoln or Mercury car ads in the one-hour program. As a kid, I looked forward to them to dream about someday owning one of the beautiful cars.

    I don’t, however, find today’s pillow commercials quite as warm and fuzzy, particularly when I see them 23 times a day. I spend more time dreaming with my head on my pillow.

  • Wanted: New leadership in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach…Sunset Beach. Mmmm…sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

    Just picture it: A charming seaside village where year-round residents and tourists enjoy pristine beaches and striking sunsets. A peaceful haven where dog walkers and bicycle riders co-exist with shell seekers and sun worshippers.

  • Anti-wall is anti-Trump

    To the editor:

    We count illegals as part of national citizenry. Discussions abound about giving illegals the right to vote. Why?