• Calabash should admit mistake

    To the editor:

    On April 4, the town of Calabash held a hearing and granted a permit to Woda Cooper Development to build a 60-unit apartment complex on 4.25 acres in the business district. Mayor Knight stated that the hearing was not for the purpose of rezoning.

  • Shallotte should make whole town look great

    To the editor:

    I am writing with regard to the article in the July 18 Beacon regarding “Shallotte board OKs veterans park plan.” In that article it mentions planning director Robert Waring providing updates on nuisance regulations and what residents can be fined for. While I am all about keeping Shallotte clean and beautiful, I must ask then why don’t they live up to their end of the bargain for their taxpayers?

  • Heed pet needs in hot weather

    To the editor:

    I have a message for you from your pet:

    “Please tell my guardian ‘thank you’ for the walks in the cooler part of the day. However, please don’t ask me to walk on the sidewalk or on the street. It burns my paw pads. The grass is so much nicer! And would I be pushing my luck to ask you to put some ice cubes in my water bowl? Most of all, thank you for taking care of me. You are my hero!”

    Thank you for taking time to read the message. I know you want good stuff for your best friend.

    Pat Purvis Brown

  • No revenue neutral in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    Congratulations to Holden and Ocean Isle Beach for reducing their tax rate by 2 cents to maintain revenue neutrality caused by the county’s revaluation program. Unlike Sunset Beach they also did not raise their fire fees 75 percent the past several years.  

    Sadly, (Sunset Beach council members) Benton, Corbett and Nern voted to raise the town tax rate a penny while also raising the fire fee. The total revenues generated are $1 million per year. These tax increases are equivalent to a 60 percent tax rate increase.

  • N.C. treasurer offers better health plan

    To the editor:

    As a taxpayer, it’s comforting to know one of our elected officials is hard at work trying to reduce the cost of state health care.

    North Carolina Treasurer Dale R. Folwell is leading an effort to push transparency in health care pricing for the State Health Plan to reduce the cost of medical services. This initiative is referred to as the Clear Pricing Project (CPP).

  • Moon landing sparks spacecraft memories

    To the editor:

    The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 astronauts landing on the moon was July 20, and it brings back memories of my involvement in our space program.

    I served a two-year tour as the meteorology/assistant intelligence officer on an amphibious group staff. Our primary mission was to transport and land marines and army personnel on foreign beaches in support of military operations. I was responsible for forecasting the weather conditions for the transit of the naval task force and the weather in the landing zone and on the beaches.

  • Island parking demands action

    To the editor:

    Parking on the Sunset Beach island has long been a point of contention for both islanders and those living on the mainland.

    The town’s 2010 Land Use Plan, drafted in 2006 prior to construction of the high-rise bridge, listed public parking, impacts associated with the new bridge and access potential impact of surrounding area growth as general issues.

  • Don't mess with Mother Nature

    When will man learn that it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature? 

    The proposed dredging project will seriously damage the natural environment and the pristine quality of our dunes, sand, shoreline and water. Compromising the beach experience will negatively affect everyone’s property values. 

  • Thanks for Sunset Vision coverage

    To the editor:

    Thank you to The Brunswick Beacon for its in-depth coverage of the third annual Sunset Vision Art Show & Sale. And thank you to the public, patrons and community leaders for supporting the arts and artists in our community.

  • Trump accolade in the zone

    To the editor:

    Just when I thought I’d heard everything, I tuned into the news on Thursday and there was President Trump trying to put a positive spin on one of the major defeats of his administration. I speak, of course, of his bumbled attempt to persuade a very persuadable Supreme Court to allow the question of citizenship to be added to the 2020 census. And there was Attorney General William Barr congratulating the president as if his failure was a huge success.