• Do something about roadside trash and fire ant mounds

    To the editor:

    I have written before and I’m writing again: Something needs to be done about all the trash on our roads. Why don’t people want to keep Brunswick County beautiful?

    Also, on U.S. 17, there are so many fire anthills! I know I was told before we can’t kill them all and I realize that, but why don’t we treat as many as we can to keep down the spreading? People and animals can be seriously hurt by their bites, which are not only very painful, but can also kill.

    How about another funny cartoon?

    T.J. May

  • A productive meeting with state Rep. Iler

    To the editor:

    Barbara Beauregard and I met last week with state Rep. Frank Iler at his Shallotte office to present him with 90 signatures of Brunswick County voters in opposition to any re-introduction of voter-suppressive legislation in the state House or Senate. He agreed to meet with us, stating his preference for small, personal meetings rather than a town hall setting “where people yell and things get out of control.” A respectful dialog ensued about the specifics of the petition.

  • Go after evildoers

    To the editor:

    I spent almost 40 years in law enforcement, 10 as a chief. A letter to the editor last week called for action to ban “military style assault weapons.”

    Forget the emotion and hysterics; it doesn’t help.

    Bans don’t work (heroin was banned in 1924).

    “No Firearm Zone” signs don’t work (almost every mass shooting was in a No Firearms Zone; maybe criminals can’t read).

    We have thousands of gun control laws on the books. Enforce them with zero tolerance.

  • BFA thanks Food Lion foundation

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance would like to say thank you to the Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation for its continued support of our food pantry.

    This year, the foundation awarded BFA $1,800 to help purchase food for those in crisis in Brunswick County.

    We are so grateful for the ongoing support of the Food Lion Feeds Foundation.

    Stephanie Bowen, BFA executive director


  • Governor right, Leland wrong in their water safety actions

    To the editor:

    While I often don’t agree with Gov. Roy Cooper, his criticism of the legislature’s failure to act on GenX is right. The difference between House and Senate versions of House Bill 189 is how much money would they spend to study GenX and who will get the funds.

    Neither version provides funds for remediation. They both recommend actions to update the permitting process.

    The legislature needs to compromise and pass HB189. Our government has a responsibility to assure we have clean and safe drinking water.

  • Thank you for supporting Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter

    To the editor:

    Our thanks to Scott and Pam Martin, Putter the Squirrel and the generous customers of Fantasy Ice Cream and Golf for their support of Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter. We are a volunteer-run organization that depends on our community.

    Thus, we also thank The Brunswick Beacon for including us in the charming cartoon that graced your editorial page last week!

    We speak for our pelicans, owls, shore birds and songbirds by tweeting and hooting our heartfelt gratitude.

    Mary Ellen Rogers, Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter director

  • It all starts with us

    To the editor:

    Because I have been homebound for some time now, I have had the opportunity of seeing some of the best and much of the worst from Americans after the terrible shooting in Parkland, Fla. What is wrong with us?

  • Ban military-style assault weapons

    To the editor:

    This is a call to action to all residents of Brunswick County to help ban military-style assault weapons.

    There is no legitimate reason for anyone, other than law enforcement officials, to own these weapons. Assault weapons have only one purpose: killing on a massive and brutal scale.

  • Sunset Beach bamboozles neighborhoods

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach Town Council has a new balance of voting power and hopefully new logic. No longer can doing the wrong thing versus the right thing to avoid setting a precedent be tolerated. Image trying to explain to a young child that you cannot do what is right by him or her because you treated the older brothers and sisters unfairly and to change would not be fair to the older siblings?

  • Vote them all out

    To the editor:

    Here’s a thought: Vote out every incumbent, regardless of party affiliation.

    It may get the attention of “career” politicians and solve the problem of term limits at the same time!

    Lorraine Hiester

    Ocean Isle Beach