• Sunset Beach Town Council mistreats volunteers

    To the editor:

    Again, and still, Sunset Beach Town Council is in a “taking” mood. This time it is once again talking about privatizing Sunset at Sunset. This is our one and only town event, which was started by the town with citizen volunteers and a modicum of staff support. While surrounding towns are adding parks and events every year, we have a town council that is still questioning everything that is, or has been, done for its residents and tourists. Our town is a public embarrassment. Shame on you!

  • Shallotte and NCDOT: Stop making messes of town roads

    To the editor:

    OMG! What kind of mess is the town of Shallotte planning now? They are working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to relocate the ABC store so they can re-align Wall Street with Shallotte Avenue.

    What a mess that is in the morning with all the buses and kids driving to school.

  • President must lead by example

    To the editor:

    I have just witnessed our president tout all the companies that have brought back jobs to America and given raises to their employees, along with “tremendous” bonuses.

    Where are the Trump family businesses in all this and how many jobs has he created or brought back to America? Knowing how he loves to tout his accomplishments, whether true or false, we hear nothing.

  • Town council must commit to Sunset at Sunset success

    To the editor:

    It is my understanding that a recommendation has resurfaced regarding the status of Sunset at Sunset. Removing the event from the town oversight is not accompanied by a definitive plan for the festival to be taken over by any other entity. Therefore, the festival would likely cease to exist.

  • Council should forever support Sunset at Sunset

    To the editor:

    There are certain things that make Sunset Beach the gem that it is: our beautiful beach, our community members, our smiling visitors, the great local stores, Sunset Beach Town Park, the Waterfront Market, the Old Bridge Museum and our town festival, Sunset at Sunset.

  • Sunset Beach should purge negativity

    To the editor:

    What is the matter with Sunset Beach Town Council? The Sunset at Sunset event is the envy of the surrounding towns in Brunswick County. The attendance every year demonstrates the desire for it to continue.

    Why would any one of you consider a proposal to transfer this entity from the town to some nonprofit that does not want it or is incapable of handling it? This is and should be a continued town event. The taxpayers here are proud of the ability of the community to put on such an event with very minimal town expense.

  • Keep Sunset at Sunset at its current site

    To the editor:

    I have been a vendor at Sunset at Sunset for three years now, having the same spot each year. Over the years, I have run into customers throughout town that look forward to seeing me again at the event. This is a town of Sunset Beach event where townspeople go to gather and celebrate the area on a beautiful fall day.

    Vendors rely on customers looking for them in a familiar location. Ingram Planetarium is such a location.

    Please keep Sunset at Sunset at its familiar and successful current location.

    Lindy Carmelengo

  • #Metoo experiences must be validated

    To the editor:

    Women’s #metoo experiences of inappropriate behavior must be validated by everyone, everywhere, before policies can be enacted and enforced. Here is a personal example when I was recently solicited for advice. Keep in mind I am a mother to two daughters.

  • Thank you for supporting Warm Homes, Warm Hearts

    To the editor:

    Part of our mission at Brunswick Electric Membership Corp. is to serve our community. One of the ways we do this is through our heating assistance program, Warm Homes, Warm Hearts. Every year since 2008 our members, board of directors, and employees have generously donated to this campaign, and BEMC always matches each dollar up to $50,000 per year. One hundred percent of those funds go to Warm Homes, Warm Hearts. Together we have raised $831,659 since the program’s beginning to assist our neighbors in need.

  • Civil Air Patrol offers thanks

    To the editor:

    On behalf of the Brunswick County Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol NC 170, I would like to thank all the residents of Brunswick County and those from other areas who contributed to the 2017 Wreaths Across American campaign.

    This national event distributed 1,565,000 wreaths, more than 500 truckloads, to 1,422 locations to be placed on veteran’s graves in all national cemeteries worldwide plus other designated cemeteries Dec. 16, 2017.