• Firing of town administrator is a travesty

    To the editor:

    A packed Sunset Beach Town Council chamber was stunned when three members of council voted to fire Town Administrator Susan Parker without cause despite speaker after speaker expressing respect for her and enumerating her strong points.

    And then came the resignation of Mayor Robert Forrester, who said he could no longer work with people who have personal vendettas.

  • Sunset Beach loses its honor and gains chaos

    To the editor:

    If I had a magic wand, I would wave it over Sunset Beach and heal the evil that visited the town March 5.

    This is a fragile time for the future of this town. The integrity of democracy is under attack by three who want to take the town in a “different direction,” which is the fountainhead of their incomprehensible action. When questioned by Mayor Robert Forrester about what that direction is, none could answer. Apparently they have no idea. I wonder who is driving this action?

  • Honor county’s fallen Vietnam veterans with bridge naming

    To the editor:

    I believe naming the Interstate 140 bridges in Brunswick County for the military members who lost their lives in Vietnam is the best and most proper option.

  • Town should reconsider its cabana policy

    To the editor:

    I have heard Sunset Beach once again changed its beach cabana policy. I understand an individual can set up their own cabana, but we are not allowed to hire a company to do this service for us.

    You have restricted how many cabanas can be set up at each beach access. Our company, Cabana Anna, always sets up our cabana way in the back behind the high tide watermark so as not to block other beachgoers’ views.

  • Don’t complicate beach cabana compliance

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach Town Council, please reconsider your 3-2 vote to prohibit vendors (effective immediately) from setting up cabanas for beach visitors. The action is ill timed for 2018 since visitors/renters made reservations and paid deposits last year for the upcoming summer.

    Since most cabana issues involve privately owned cabanas, it is not reasonable to inconvenience customers of cabana vendors and to adversely affect local businesses.

  • ‘New Direction Benton’ leads anti-cabana policy crusade

    To the editor:

    Congratulations, Sunset Beach Town Councilman Mark Benton, you finally got your way. You have banned commercial cabanas on Sunset Beach. “New Direction Benton” has been relentless in his pursuit to ban cabanas, his No. 1 priority since being elected. Did Benton raise banning cabanas as an issue before being elected? I didn’t hear him if he did.

  • Council members represent only themselves, not town’s citizens

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach votes 3-2 to fire its town administrator. Watched this circus on YouTube last night and am very disappointed at “the new direction” our community is being forced to endure.

    As a resident of Sunset Beach, I am one of the many citizens our elected officials choose to ignore. They made it quite clear with their silence in not addressing the reason for this vote or “the new direction” that they represent themselves and not citizens.

  • Administrator’s ouster makes Sunset Beach a laughingstock

    To the editor:

    Once again Sunset Beach Town Council makes news for its outlandish and embarrassing behavior and three members — Mark Benton, Rich Cerrato and Jan Harris — are responsible. I watched the meeting when a motion was made to terminate Town Administrator Susan Parker, but not one of the three offered an explanation. This is so disgusting and absolutely heartless. The citizens of this town deserve much better.

  • Sunset Beach won’t listen to its residents

    To the editor:

    My wife and I are snowbirds. We have always planned for Sunset Beach to be our retirement home, but after attending the Sunset Beach Town Council meeting March 5, we aren’t so sure!

    Over the years, I worked with and on various state and town boards, committees and commissions and I witnessed many parochial and divisive actions promoting personal agendas, but I have never seen anything remotely similar to what I witnessed that night. It was an unmitigated trampling of proper governmental process that has no place in any municipal government.

  • Let’s keep the dialogue about offshore drilling issue respectful

    o the editor:

    Please allow me to thank my neighbor Pennie von Bergen Wessels for last week’s letter highlighting my statements during public comments at the Feb. 19 county commissioners’ meeting regarding offshore energy. It proved to me once again that the power of my one small voice has the ability to resonate broadly. Never underestimate the power of each voice, each vote and each individual standing up for what they believe in.