• Government shutdown makes families suffer

    To the editor:

    While we can all argue about the cause or causes of the government shutdown, the fact is families are suffering.

    In several publications across the country, an average wage of $37 per hour was cited for workers who are not receiving pay. This was a disservice to those workers. That makes some folks talk about them being paid too much.

  • President Trump does represent all Americans

    To the editor:

    This is a response to the letter by Robin L. Van Vliet and the opinion piece by Lindsay Kriz.

    President Trump does represent all Americans, not just himself. I am glad he is our president and doing what he needs to for our great country.

    Disagreeing with him does not mean he does not represent you. He appears to be the adult in this whole situation. He does what he thinks will protect all Americans, not just his supporters. He knows this could mean he does not get re-elected, but he still does what he needs to do.

  • Trump needs to represent America, not just himself

    To the editor:

    Elected by the people of the United States to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, Trump doesn’t realize he is president of all people of the United States. This isn’t Trump’s government; it’s the government of the United States, “by the people, for the people and of the people.” President Trump works for us.

  • Opposition to offshore drilling justifies behavior

    To the editor:

    Staff Writer Brian Slattery stated in his Dec. 27 column that, in his opinion, I “acted like an ass” when I spoke at the commissioner’s meeting.

    Dear editor and fellow citizens of Brunswick County: I’m more than willing to “act like an ass” every day if it will help in any way to prevent offshore drilling.


    Billy Stewart

    Oak Island

  • USDA broadband initiative offers hope, ignores major barrier

    To the editor:

    Rural communities are increasingly depending on high-speed Internet to complete an education and talk to their doctors. Meanwhile, connecting to broadband Internet has become a necessity in today’s digital economy. As we advance deeper into the 21st century, broadband access will grow as an important indicator of quality of life for communities across the nation.

  • Use handicap parking only as needed

    To the editor:

    How would you feel if you or someone you knew, for the sake of convenience only, secured the remaining handicap parking spot and denied someone access to that spot who had a severe disability?

    Yesterday I saw a couple who could not secure a disability parking spot close to the grocery store help one another across the lot, one with a walker and the other with a portable oxygen device. I noticed they had a handicap license plate, but it was of little use as all the designated spots were taken.

  • Thank you for efforts to save my wife’s life

    To the editor:

    I would like to thank all the members of the Ocean Isle Beach Police Department, Brunswick County EMS and Shallotte EMS for their response and professional efforts to save my wife’s life that morning in July. I was proud to be in their company.

    Sadly, my wife left me that day.


    Mike Murphy

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Voter fraud contradictions

    To the editor:

    After endless claims from Democrats of no voter fraud, we now have deniers ranting about alleged voter fraud by Republicans in the 9th Congressional District.

    A letter published last week proposes a life sentence should there be a guilty party, no less.

    Incidentally, aren’t Democrats against excessive punishment?

  • A prayer for the New Year

    To the editor:

    With praise on our lips and thanksgiving in our hearts, we declare in faith the glory, blessing and lordship of Jesus Christ over the New Year from the beginning to the end of 2019.

    Thank the Lord for his loving care over us in 2018. Thank the Lord for the many miracles of this past season. We declare the lordship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is blessing us, our families, churches, cities and nation.

  • Letters lack conservative points of view

    Editor’s note: The Beacon’s letters to the editor policy is published in every edition with the letters received that meet it.

    To the editor:

    I enjoy The Brunswick Beacon. Nice small-town newspaper. Lots of great information about community happenings. Here’s my beef: there a very few, if any, opinions published in the paper that represent conservative viewpoints.